Best Bronzers in India & How to Apply It On Indian Skin

Bronzers are an absolute must-have because they not only give your face a sun-kissed glow but also help in contouring, adding definition to your face and making it appear slimmer. The idea is to highlight your best features and apply it lightly on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin to add an instant glow to your face.

Types of Bronzers

From cream to powder and liquid– bronzers come in various types. Powder bronzer, the most popular type is usually applied with an angled brush. They work well for normal, oily and combination skin types.

Liquid bronzers are popular among those who have a naturally contoured appearance. The good thing about them is that they melt into the skin and blend easily. We recommend applying the bronzer on a brush before directly applying it.

If you are aiming for a heavier coverage, go for the cream-based bronzers. They tend to work well for those with dry or wrinkled skin.

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How to Apply Bronzer on Indian Skin

Selecting a bronzer for an Indian skin is a trick that is learned with experience. If a bronzer is not blended well or not used in the right way you can end up looking bad rather than looking good.

Never used bronzers before? We have listed down 8 simple steps to help you up your bronzer game –

1. Start with applying a concealer to cover up blemishes, dark spots and pigmentation

2. Once you have hidden the dark spots, apply a liquid foundation to create an even base

3. Choose a bronzer 2 shades darker than your original skin tone

4. Use a soft, fluffy brush to apply the bronzer and tap off any excess product

5. Start with applying on your forehead in a swirling motion, along the sides of your upper forehead and hairline

6. Move on to your cheekbones. To get the perfect result, make a fish face to apply it correctly

7. End with the jawline to add definition to your face

8. Remember to apply a light layer on your neck too to blend it in

It doesn’t stop there. The key to applying a bronzer is blending! Ensure you blend everything in circular motions so that there are no uneven spots.

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7 Best Bronzers in India – Our Editors Choice

1. Nyx Matte Bronzer

Price: Rs. 850 for 9.5g

A perfect pick for those with dusky skin, the Nyx Matte Bronzer leaves a healthy glow on your skin. Available in five colours – Light, Medium, Deep, Dark Tan, and Deep Tan, this talc-based, finely milled powder has a true matte finish and is truly long lasting!

Nyx Matte Bronzer

2. The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

Price: Rs. 1,395 for 100 ml

A lightweight bronzer with shimmer, this one leaves a honey-bronze glow on your skin. Don’t let the word ‘oil’ put you off because it has a non-greasy finish and is well suited for all skin types. Remember to shake the bottle well before using to get the best of the oil and shimmer!

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

3. MAC Bronzing Powder Matte Bronze

Price: Rs. 2,300 for 10g

Use the MAC Bronzing Powder Matte Bronze for a natural-looking glow. Ideal for everyday use, this smooth textured bronzer enhances the skin tone, giving it natural colour effects and highlights.

MAC Bronzing Powder Matte Bronze

4. Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer Sunswept

Price – Rs. 2,100 for 9.6g

Give your cheeks a subtle glow with Clinique’s True Bronze Pressed Power Bronzer Sunswept. This compact formula glides effortlessly on the skin, leaving a light touch of the bronzer which can be layered upon further to bring out the colour. This one comes with a handy brush making application a breeze!

Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer Sunswept

5. Lakme Absolute Sun-Kissed Bronzer

Price – Rs. 600 for 9g

Enriched with Vitamin E, Lakme Absolute’s Sun-kissed Bronzer gives a luminous finish to the skin. This pigmented and colour-rich bronzer comes in two distinctive shades – bronzy gold and cream silver, with a tinge of shimmer.

Lakme Absolute Sun-Kissed Bronzer

6. Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder

Price – Rs. 4,804 for 10g

The Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder comes with hydrating ingredients and does not dry out the skin, ensuring long-lasting comfort. Easy to blend in one go, this bronzing powder also works well for contouring. It comes in a variety of shades so be sure to find the perfect one for your skin tone!

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder7. Shiseido Oil-free Bronzing Powder

Price – Rs. 2,208 for 12g

Shiseido Oil-free bronzing powder is an absolute delight for those with oily skin. Get an all day, air-brushed finish with this bronzing powder which comes with a faint gold shimmer. What’s more, the compact also includes a perfectly-sized brush for contouring.

Shiseido Oil-free Bronzing Powder

Common Bronzer Blunders to Avoid

If applied correctly, bronzers can be extremely flattering. However, any mishaps can make you look like an orange, muddy mess! Here are some common mistakes you need to be careful about –

Using the wrong shade and type of bronzer

While a certain shade and type of bronzer might look great on your friend, it might be a complete disaster for you. The first step to acing your bronzer game is to choose the right kind of bronzer keeping your skin tone in mind.

Applying it all over your face

Remember – it’s a bronzer not a foundation. Apply it only where necessary which includes the forehead, nose, cheeks and jawline, and certainly not all over your face. The key to applying a bronzer is to ensure you have a natural glow on your face which is achieved by tactfully touching upon areas that are naturally hit by the sun.

Too much shimmer

A bit of shimmer is never a bad idea but when you overdo it, it just makes you look oily and sweaty after a while. Use very little shimmer to illuminate your cheeks and you’re good to go!

Not tapping the brush

When you swirl the brush onto the bronzer, you tend to pick up too much of the product. Ensure you tap the brush to get rid of the excess powder. If it’s too less, you can always layer it with more. You rather add the bronzer in gradual amounts than overdo it.

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Just focusing on your face

Yes, you have done a good job with applying bronzer on your face but that is not all that matters! Only applying bronzer on your face will set apart your neck and chest, giving a very inconsistent look. The job’s not done till your face, neck and chest are of the same colour so ensure you touch upon them evenly.

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