How to apply liquid foundation- Tips and Tricks

Not all of us are blessed with perfect, blemish-free skin. But that certainly does not mean that we cannot look as perfect as the model on the billboard. A little bit of makeup can help you get that look and with some practice, you can repeat it day after day and step out in style!

liquid foundation

One of the basic things that help you even out your skin is the foundation. Foundation applied wrongly can make the skin look patchy and garish. Let us see how to apply liquid foundation and get that dewy flawless look.

Choose the Right Foundation: 

The first step is to choose the best foundation for your skin. Choose a foundation that is appropriate for your skin type and provides you the kind of coverage you need. A liquid foundation will give you medium coverage and is easy to apply. Visit the beauty counter during the daytime and apply the foundation on your jawline to find a shade that matches yours perfectly.

liquid foundation

Prepping your skin:

Wash your face with warm water and a facial cleanser. This will give you clean and grime free skin to start your application on. Apply a very small amount of moisturizer on the cleansed face. This will give you a perfect moisturized base that will absorb the foundation well. In case you are stepping out during the day and your foundation does not have SPF, apply a thin coat of sunscreen on your face and neck.


Shake the bottle of liquid foundation well. Pour a small amount of foundation on the back of your palm. If using fingertips, dot the foundation all over your face. Always remember, start with less. Less is always better.

You could use a flat top dense brush or sponge to apply the foundation. If using a sponge, slightly dampen the sponge and dip it into the foundation. A sponge normally works better since it helps tone down the foundation and does not leave any streaks that may come from blending with your fingers.


Work from the middle of your cheeks outwards in firm strokes. Next, apply the foundation on the nose line from top to bottom, then horizontally above and below the lips. Now apply the liquid foundation on the forehead and into the hairline. You can skip the under eye area if using a concealer. Else, dab some foundation and gently apply it around the eyes. Do not skip the jawline, area under the jaw and the neck. You do not want your face to look a different shade from your neck. Blend it well in upward strokes. Finally, blend the foundation well all over your face with circular strokes to have an even coverage and so that there are no evident lines.


At this point, if you have blemishes, dark circles or dark patches that are not covered well with foundation, you can choose to cover them up using a concealer.


Press a tissue paper all over your skin to seal the product in and to absorb any excess foundation or concealer. Finally, dust some loose powder on your face and neck to hold the liquid foundation in place and finish the look.

Dab on some gloss and kohl to complete your look! By following these steps to apply liquid foundation, you can get that perfect airbrushed look.

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