Define Your Cheekbones – Contouring and 5 Makeup Products

Who doesn’t want a perfectly sculpted face with subtly defined cheekbones? But being mostly a hereditary matter, very few of us are fortunate to have these naturally. For others, makeup is the only way out. There are certain cosmetic products as well as makeup application techniques, which can create the illusion of a slender face along with higher cheekbones almost instantly. So, let us show you how to define cheekbones with 5 makeup products and a simple contouring method:

Contouring and 5 Makeup Products

5 Tricks to Follow for Getting Defined Cheekbones

There is more than one option to give your cheekbones perfect definition and make it look significantly high. Let us explore 5 such common makeup products that you should keep in your beauty stash for this purpose:

  1. Blush

A warm subtle tinge of color can create an illusion of natural flush to your cheeks and thus, make them look really defined. Try the simple dual-toned application in which a shade almost similar to the skin tone is applied underneath the cheekbones and a pinkish shade is applied just on them.  It will give true dimension to your cheekbones.

  1. Bronzer

When it comes to getting a sharper look by making your cheekbones stand out, bronzer can be your most reliable friend. All you need is a bronzer, which is one shade darker than your skin tone, and a bronzer brush. Apply the product right under the cheekbones in light strokes and blend it into the skin as you go towards the temples. A surefire way to create depth and make cheekbones appear higher, indeed.

Contouring and 5 Makeup Products

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  1. Highlighter

No matter whether you apply highlighter alone or use it along with bronzer, it will always give your cheekbones a warm, sun-kissed radiance that is much needed for added definition. Pick the most appropriate shade for your skin tone, such as gold, pale gold and champagne for dark, medium and fair complexions respectively. Apply right on your cheekbones and blend towards the temples properly.

  1. Foundation

It may sound a bit tricky, but foundation can actually highlight your cheekbones like nothing else. The secret lies in choosing the perfect shade. So, be careful and select a comparatively lighter shade of foundation than your natural skin tone. Smart application of it to your cheekbones can really turn them sharper.

  1. Powder

And finally, there is powder what, most probably, you have never thought of using for defining your cheekbones. Using a dash of powder both up and down the cheekbones can actually work wonder for your cheeks and redefine your entire look in minutes.

4-Step Contouring Method to Define Cheekbones

Now when you are aware of all the makeup products that can help you get a high cheekbone-look, it is time go a bit deeper and master the art. Let us decode the cheekbone contouring method followed by pros for you so that you can nail the look in just 4 easy steps:

Contouring and 5 Makeup Products

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  1. Bronzer: Pick a warm-toned cream bronzer, which is to some extent darker than your actual skin tone. Take a brush and start applying it from underneath your eyebrow bone in a precise line. Make the line thinner as you go down your face and finish it right at the endpoint of your cheekbone.
  2. Blush: A touch of the right shade of blush is needed to complement the bronzer on your cheekbones. Fair, medium and dark skinned beauties should opt for soft pink, bright pink and hot pink or coral hues respectively. Put a little amount of cream blush on your cheekbones (right above the bronzer applied) and blend it gently into the skin by using your fingertips.
  3. Foundation / Concealer: A foundation or concealer will help you add even more dimension to your cheekbones and make them appear perfectly sculpted. With the help of a foundation brush, apply a very little amount of foundation underneath the contour of your cheekbones. Then, blend it nicely to hide all fine lines.
  4. Highlighter: Finally, it is time to highlight your cheekbones and make them appear considerably prominent with the help of a highlighter. All you need is a touch of the product right on the cheekbones, a little above it and slightly below towards the temples. However, the trick is to apply it with your fingers instead of the brush as it gives a more natural and well-blended look.

Contouring your cheekbones is not at all a complicated job. If done in the proper way, it will become a simple task with amazing outcomes. Get your hands on good quality makeup products in order to achieve the desired results. You should also make sure that your cheekbones look natural. If you make use of surprisingly bright or deep colors, your cheeks will appear awful instead of defined. Hence, always start with a small amount of the product and layer it up strategically as you go ahead.

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