How Healthy are Packaged Soups?

You’ve been slurping on that frothy vegetable soup for years now, little aware that your body by now has accumulated possible hazardous chemicals which could usher in a host of illnesses! Unfortunately you’re not the only one – fancy advertising and fluffy marketing gimmicks do get the better of us often, affecting our lifestyles in the long run.

Packaged Soups

Myth vs. Reality of Packaged Soups

Forget what those glossy TV ads promise you time and again. The fact is nutrients stored in packaged foods do not stay fresh in spite of the preservatives used. In fact experts say that packaged foods (including packaged soups) are actually no match to the wholesome goodness of freshly cooked vegetables or raw fruits. The health benefit of a simple home-made soup with only a couple of vegetables is much higher than its packaged counterpart, which is steeped in harmful preservatives and a miniscule quantity of vegetables.

Soups Give You ‘No Calories’ at All!

While we often look at reducing our calories intake for losing weight, our body does need some quantum of calories to derive energy for all our activities. And obviously those calories come from what we eat (and drink).

If you’re thinking that your delicious packaged soup is giving you vital calories think again! Experts warn that you’re actually consuming ‘no calories’, also described as ‘empty calories’ when you have packaged soup. These empty calories stay in your body much longer and do not get absorbed properly, thus leading to such problems as constipation or an upset tummy.

Again the powdered form of packaged soups loses its nutritional qualities once mixed in water and heated. This eventually means that you are taking in no vitamins or nutrients at all and stuffing yourself with food that is not only not adding any nutritional value to you, but might be actually making you more prone to disease.

Harmful Components and Chemicals in Packaged Foods

The high dose of preservatives to keep foods ‘fresh’ and extend their shelf-life causes considerable health damages. Sulfites or Coal Tar Azo Dyes are some forms of preservatives used widely in soups which can cause cancer and other health problems.

Again preservatives apart, there is a significant inclusion of such unhealthy components as cornflour and salt in packaged foods and soups. Salt, an ingredient leniently used in soups is very harmful for people with high blood pressure, osteoporosis and kidney diseases. In fact salt increases water retention in the body making you look bloated.

Cornflour is a common ingredient in packaged soups and is added to confer that thick, appetizing consistency to the soup. But research has shown that cornflour causes damage to the body. Cornflour is actually mixed in sumptuous quantities to increase pangs for hunger, ultimately leading to greater fat deposits in the body. It is also bad for the intestines and for people with high sugar.

Packaged soups as doctors and health experts explain are definitely harmful for the body. Instead of providing your body with adequate nutrition these lip-smacking foods make you more obese and invite disease.

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