DIY: Homemade concealer to match your skin

A concealer in the right shade and applied well will give your face the much desired polished look. But it is an uphill task to find a concealer that will match your skin tone, even out the imperfections and give you that flawless look. If you find a product with great coverage, it may not match your skin. The one that matches your skin tone may not suit your skin well. So if I told you that it is really easy to make your own concealer, to suit your skin tone and also give you the kind of coverage you desire, would you believe it? Read on to find out how to make concealer at home.

homemade concealer

There are a few ways to do it.

1. Moisturizing crème and blush

Use your favourite moisturizer, preferably a cream and not a lotion. You could also use your eye cream instead. Take a clean pot or container, say an empty lip balm container and scoop out about a spoonful of the cream into it.

Moisturizing crème

Now add to it shavings from your blush that matches your skin tone. Mix with a spatula or a toothpick. Whip it well so that it blends with the cream. You can keep adding the shavings until you get the color that matches your skin tone. Test it out by applying the cream under the eyes. Voila! You have your own concealer.


2. Foundation + Moisturizing crème

If you are by any chance stuck with a liquid foundation that is a shade darker than your skin tone, then this recipe is for you! In a clean container, add a spoonful of eye cream or any moisturizing cream of your choice.

liquid foundation

Add about half a spoonful of a foundation that is a shade darker than your skin tone. Now mix well. You could add more foundation if you need to reach the color that matches your skin. Make sure to add more cream also in order to get the concealer to a creamy consistency. Keep experimenting until you get the shade closest to your skin. Now top it off with a little bit of foundation that matches your skin. Mix well.

Make sure that you prepare this in small batches since you want to keep your product fresh or make shade alterations the next time around.

3. Moisturizer and compact

If you have pressed powder with brownish or yellowish hues, then this is the easiest way to make a concealer. You can make this on the go without bothering to add the preparation into jars and storing it. Making it in bulk is also an option but why would you do it when it is so easy to make this concealer!

All you have to do is, take a pea size amount of your eye cream or moisturizer in your palm and scrape out some pressed powder into it. Mix them really well. Add a touch of foundation to this to get the colour. Dab it on under the eyes and on other marks. Blend well. Seal it with pressed powder and you are all set to head out!

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