How to Get Back Into the Shape After Pregnancy?

So you have recently given birth to an angel. Congratulations! Now, it is time to look at yourself. Are you missing that slim-n-trim body that was, once upon a time, the reason of envy of all your friends? Well, you can get it back once again. Feeling excited? Go through the rest of the post and you will discover the truth about how to restore your breasts, abdomen and body after pregnancy.

How to Get Back Into the Shape After Pregnancy

1. Get Rid of the ‘Baby Fat’

Gaining pregnancy weight is unavoidable for women, especially throughout their second and third trimesters. Even though putting on 25 to 50 pounds is normal as well as healthy at this time, it will work along with poor eating practices as well as sedentary lifestyle and affect your shape badly. So, make sure that you get rid of those extra pounds and restore your body shape in the following way:

• Live on a well-balanced diet containing higher amount of nutrients, vitamins, dietary fibers and lesser fats.

• Breast-feed your newborn as much as possible.

• Work out at least 4 times a week. A 30-minute session including aerobics and cardio will burn out your calories to a great extent.

• Go for weight training so that your muscle get firm and toned again.

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2. Restore the Stuck Out Abdomen

After that long period of nine months, most of the women experience lengthened abdominal muscles and sagging skin. It may make your stomach look like obtrusive. In such situation, you can opt for the tummy surgery to get your abdomen back in its previous condition and enhance its appearance. Check out below:

• Tummy Surgery – This cosmetic procedure is also known as ‘tummy tuck’ or ‘abdominoplasty’. A sloppy abdomen with loose skin and ugly stretch marks can be easily restored with this surgical method. If you are a new mom, you can tighten up your abdominal muscles with it and bring back your shape successfully. Being a less-invasive operation, it comes with minor scars and lesser down-time. However, you need to lose additional weight and reinstate the normal functionality of your endocrine system prior to going through the tummy surgery.

How to Get Back Into the Shape After Pregnancy

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3. Turn Drooping Breasts Firmer

Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy can make the breasts of women larger. It has been seen that the breast size of pregnant women increases more or less 2 cup sizes. After childbirth, it goes down significantly, which turns those precious organs droopy. Nonetheless, breast surgery can be a perfect solution for this. Read on more below:

• Breast Surgery – The most popular post-pregnancy surgery for reshaping breasts is nothing but the breast lift or amastopexy. You can either do it alone or team it up with breast augmentation. A breast lift can give you a firm and toned breast by eliminating loose skin as well as reducing the size of the nipple areolars. On the other hand, breast augmentation can boost the size and shape of small and deflated breasts considerably.

Apart from these, there are certain other post-pregnancy body reshaping or contouring solutions like thermage, belly button surgery, liposuction, and so on.

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