A To Z about Breast Augmentation

Having a well endowed breasts are a women’s all time wish. Since everyone does not get what they wished they try to go for the other options left for them. Breast augmentation is one such method of getting a bigger breast. Breast augmentation is basically a surgical procedure in order to enhance or increase the size of the breast.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation procedure:

During this procedure, the surgeon places the silicone or saline or other composite breast implants beneath the breast tissue.

Why is breast augmentation done?

Breast augmentation is done for the following reasons:

  • Increase the size of the breast
  • If the breasts are asymmetrical than the breast augmentation helps in restoring the symmetry of the breasts.
  • To bring back the shape as well as size of the breast post pregnancy, breast feeding and also weight loss.
  • Post cancer, to restore the breast especially breast cancer or other conditions that could affect the shape as well as the size of the breast.

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What are breast implants?

Breast implants are basically a medical prosthesis that will be placed inside the breast in order to augment or recreate the physical formation of the breast. The breast implant consists of outer layer which is made of silicone and inner layer would be salt water or silicone gel or even a composite of alternative substances. As per the experts, the implants will last for at least ten years.

Saline implants: Saline implants will have sterile saline solution which will be covered by an elastomer silicone shell. Different amount of saline solution can be filled which will result in different shape, firmness and feel of the breast.

Silicone implants: Silicone implants will have viscous silicone gel in it which will be covered with an elastomer silicone shell. In this type of implant there are chances of the leakage then chances are that the gel will either stay in the shell or get into the breast implant pocket. Patients who would choose this implant will have to visit their doctor much often than the saline solution implants.

Silicone implants

How is the breast augmentation surgery performed?

Breast augmentation is most often performed on an outpatient basis, a surgery center, operation theater of a hospital etc. You can discuss the surgery with doctor prior to the surgery whether you want to stay overnight or not. The surgery however will last for one to two hours on an average.

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Type of anesthesia used:

In general anesthesia will be used; however another option is local anesthesia. You can have a talk with the doctor on you preferred anesthesia. Under local anesthesia, the patient will be awake and the doctor will numb just the surgical area. In general anesthesia, the anesthesia will be on the whole body.

The procedure: First and foremost, the incision will be discussed; there are 3 types of incisions, which are Inframammary incision, Transaxillary incision and Periareolar incision. Inframammary incision will be done on the crease under the breast. In transaxillary incision, the incision will be done in the armpit area. Periareolar incision is where the incision will be done around the nipple. The breast implant will be introduced into the pocket. The placement will be one of the 2 types.

Submuscular placement: Here the implants are placed under the pectoral muscle. In this case the patient will experience more post-operative pain comparatively and will also take longer to recover.

Submammary placement: Here the implants are kept behind the breast tissue and on top of the pectoral muscle. The surgeon then closes the incisions with the help of layered sutures as well as skin adhesives and surgical tape to close the skin completely. The incision lines might be evident initially but they will fade away after a while.

Cost of breast augmentation:

The average cost of breast augmentation surgery is $3,678, as per statistics got from American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


  • Painful breasts
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Capsular contracture- area around the implant might harden causing distortion in the shape and pain of the breast.
  • Fluid Accumulation
  • Implant rupture or leakage
  • Change of nipple or breast sensation.

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