Butt Lift Shapewear Is All You Need To Flaunt That ‘Bubble Butt’

Are you proud of your booty? Do you feel that a little extra would have been better? Have you ever thought about enhancing your butt? Well, let’s face it, ladies! Not all of us are lucky enough to be born with a seductive tush and cosmetic surgery is not always the way. You can even try butt-toning exercises, follow a specific diet, or opt for self-claimed ‘magical’ pills, but they will either not work or take way too much time to show the results. So, is there any other technique to give your booty a complete makeover and that too in a pretty quick manner? The ‘butt lift shapewear’ can be your answer. If the term sounds completely new, worry not. We are here to explain everything about it to you. Here we go:

Butt Lift Shapewears

What Is Butt Lifting All About?

Butt lifting is all about giving your butt an instant lift by making it rounder, tighter, and firmer. If you are trying to turn a few heads over by achieving a perfect hourglass figure, this process can help you effectively shift focus from other parts of your body to your behind. Whether you undergo a surgery or achieve it naturally, a lifted butt can give your self-esteem and self-confidence a significant boost while making you appear much sexier from behind. The best part of butt lifting is that it does not impact your natural rear view while improving the shape and size of your booty.

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What Is Butt Lift Shapewear?

Butt lift shapewear is a special kind of garment that is cleverly designed for raising as well as firming up the buttocks the easiest way. It helps restore the natural shape and definition of the booty by maintaining the strength and elasticity of the muscles and skin in that area. As it shapes up the butt by holding and lifting the butt cheeks seamlessly, it is found to be much similar to a ‘bra’. This shapewear is, typically, worn under the wardrobe to add the much-desired curve to the lower body. it is also a safe and pocket-friendly way to look slimmer while showing off your booty.

Types Of Butt Lift Shapewear

Butt lift shapewear is available very easily and in excellent varieties as well. You can select the style, design, and color of your choice to suit your taste the best. What else can be better than that? Here is a list of the most widely used butt lift shapewear:

1. Panty Style

  • Complete butt cheek coverage
  • Lightweight, elastic, and tighter fabric for a volumized look
  • Strategic elasticity or stitching at places for additional compression and better fit

2. Boxer Style

  • Complete butt cheek coverage with transparent and lighter fabric on butt cheeks
  • Supportive stretch material with no compression
  • Brings the glute muscles together and lifts them up strategically   

3. Capri Style

  • Complete coverage along with thigh and leg shaping
  • Thin, light fabric with latex panel to stay invisible under the outfit
  • Firm waistband to tame flabby waist and love handles

4. Bodysuit Style

  • Complete coverage with sculpted waist, thighs, and hips
  • Compression material controls adiposities and enhances the rear
  • Adjustable straps for better support, fit, and flexibility

5. Exposed Butt Cheeks

  • Backside cut-outs to expose the round sections of butt cheeks
  • Compressive body shaper as well as a butt smoothness enhancer
  • Pushed out butt for an instant lift

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Butt Lift Shapewears

Padding In Butt Lift Shapewear

A butt lift shapewear comes with removable pads made of either foam or silicone. Foam pads are lightweight, cheaper and comfortable. These are, however, slightly unnatural in appearance. Silicone pads, meanwhile, are very natural-looking. However, they are thick and heavy as well. The most natural-looking butt lift shapewear has to be the molded foam panties. Wear them along with panty liners and wash them by using your hands for better maintenance.

How Does Butt Lift Shapewear Work?

If you are wondering if the butt lift shapewear really works,…yes, it does! We are going to tell you exactly how. The secret to the butt-booting goodness of a butt lift shapewear is its strategic design. However, from the material to the cut – everything plays important roles in lifting and shaping up your bum. The stretch fabric helps in gathering butt muscles and perking them up. The supportive band sits underneath the buttocks and pushes them upwards in order to create a rounder shape. Backside cut-outs also ensure that no fabric compresses down the butt cheeks, thereby creating maximum volume in the right places and making your rear look voluptuous.

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Upsides Of Butt Lift Shapewear

  • Simple, easy, and natural solution to instant butt lift
  • Enhances the shape and size of the booty
  • Accentuates the overall figure beautifully
  • Highly comfortable for using on a daily basis
  • Gives a completely natural look
  • Affordable with zero side effects
  • Boosts self-confidence

Downsides Of Butt Lift Shapewear

  • The ‘lifting’ effects offered by butt lift shapewear is temporary. Once you take it off, your booty is back to its original shape and size.
  • These specially designed garments do not suit everyone. If you are a woman with a smaller booty, this shapewear may not work for you.
  • If you plan to be seen in your butt lift shapewear by skipping your outfit, it may look unattractive as such garments do not come in regular designs.

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Choosing The Right Butt Lift Shapewear

Finally, here are the facts that should be checked before you invest in a butt lift shapewear:    

  • The material used for making the garment is the first and foremost thing you need to consider. It should be an elastic fabric that is stretchy enough. Make sure that it is of high quality so that it does not degrade or lose its elasticity easily just within a few months.
  • Check the padding used in your chosen shapewear. As mentioned before, always try to get a molded panty style shapewear that suits your taste.
  • Find the right design, fit, and cut so that you can achieve the best possible lift for your butt. But at the same time, the shapewear should create a completely natural look.
  • Comfort is another vital aspect. Do not forget to ensure that your chosen shapewear will offer you absolute comfort all through the day.

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