Breast Firming Creams – Do They Really Work?

Are those flabby breasts stealing your confidence? Thinking of trying out a good breast firming cream to get rid of this issue? Wait! You might be planning to follow the wrong path. There are loads of such creams available in the market. But it is advised that you take a well-informed decision before buying any of them. In this article, we have unleashed the truth behind these breast firming creams. Check it out:

Breast Firming

Why Does the Breasts Loose Firmness?

Let us start with unfolding the root cause of the problem. Our breasts are made of lots of fat tissues and supporting ligaments. As we grow older, the skin covering these elements of our breasts loses its elasticity. The process is further accelerated by certain other factors like gravitational force of the earth, our genetics, smoking habit, pregnancy, and so on. Hence, our breast tissues get affected, which eventually results into a pair of droopy and sagging breasts.

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What Do the Breast Firming Creams Claim?

As said earlier, there are quite a few breast firming creams available in the market and each of them comes with its own sets of promises. But the common promise that almost all of them makes is to give firm, toned and fuller breasts as you would expect. It usually refers to a ‘natural breast lift’ as well as an ‘enhanced tone and texture’ of the skin of the breasts by making the tissue firmer.

What Do They Actually Do?

Whatever the claims of the breast firming creams are, the actual scenario is quite different from it. They do not have any significant effects on our breast tissues. They also do not have the capability of preventing the sagging of the breasts permanently. What they actually do is to tighten up the skin and contract it for the short term, which gives us an illusion of having firmer and perkier breasts. Be it the elasticity of our skin or the repairing of the damaged breast tissue, no product can solve these issue topically. So, being topical breast firming creams, they can also not provide us considerable results.

Breast Firming

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Active Ingredients of the Creams

Now, let us have a look at the active ingredients present in readily available breast firming creams. In general, they contain phytoestrogen, retin-A, hyaluronic acid, shea / cocoa butter, vitamin E, etc. Phytoestrogen is a plant-derived estrogen (synthetic), which is known to make breasts larger and firmer during pregnancy. Retin-A increases the collagen production in our skin and eliminates fine lines as well as wrinkles from it. Both hyaluronic acid and vitamin E are considered as antioxidants, which tonee up our skin and makes it healthy. Shea and cocoa butter induces enough moisture into the skin cells so that they remain hydrated all the time. So, you can see that the components of popular breast firming creams can work externally on our skin, thereby improving its tone and texture significantly. They are completely unable to prevent the drooping of breasts by curing the damaged tissues.

Bottom Line

Breast firming creams may promise to make our loose pendulous organs firmer by making the skin quality better, they do not really have any scientific data to back up their claims. So, if you are looking for a reliable solution for getting rid of your sagging breasts, stick to other common procedures like surgery, implant, etc.

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