Know How To Use Amla For Weight Loss And Get Slimmer Naturally!

Getting slimmer by shedding off excess pounds is something that is not achievable easily. If you are tired of trying weight loss supplements and treatments, it is time to rely on a natural fat-cutter like amla. The round green fruit from the amla tree is much loved for its sour and tangy taste. And the best thing about it is that it can help you reach your weight loss goal quite fast. Here, we tell you why and how to use amla for weight loss.

Know About Amla

Amla or Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus Emblica) is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and a lot of other nutrients, which make it a superfood for our health. They are rich in antioxidants and hence, are known to be powerful anti-aging ingredients. The potent fruit finds its use in many ayurvedic medicines, notable among them being the chyavanprash. Not just this, amla oil promotes hair growth like no other oil does and has been used in India for ages to grow long dark hair. Aside from all these benefits, amla has another important benefit which is its amazing ability to eliminate extra weight from the human body.

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How Does Amla Help Weight Loss?

Amla takes care of our overall health, which plays a key role in keeping our body weight steady. To be more precise, it helps us keep the weight under control by influencing more than a single factor in our body. We have listed them below:

1. By Improving Metabolism

Poor metabolism is one of the main reasons lying behind obesity. The amla fruit is known to speed up your general metabolism by pushing the rate of synthesis of food, especially protein, higher in your body. The moment your metabolism becomes better, you start breaking down more food instead of accumulating it as fat, thereby preventing the body from piling up pounds too quickly, burning more fat on a daily basis, and accelerating your weight loss process eventually.

2. By Detoxifying Body

Amla helps in flushing out harmful toxins that have accumulated in your body. These toxins can inhibit the functionalities of our digestive enzymes, thus causing sudden weight gain in many people. When you consume amla regularly, you not only eradicate the already built-up toxins from your body but also prevent further build-ups.

3. By Boosting Digestion

By helping your body get rid of harmful toxins, amla ensures that your food is digested well. It basically increases the digestion rate of the body, which makes sure that all the nutrients from the food are absorbed into the body and the waste is expelled completely.

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4. By Relieving Constipation

Amla is a good laxative that helps relieve constipation, even if it is of the chronic kind. It not only facilitates your digestion but also eases up your bowel movement. As a result, your weight loss procedure also becomes easier.

5. By Keeping Us Full

Being a filling food ingredient, amla can keep you full for a longer time so that you do not feel hunger pangs every now and then. It keeps your body hydrated and prevents you from munching on snacks. This way, you do not fall prey to unhealthy weight gain.

6. By Increasing Energy

Amla works as a natural rejuvenator by boosting your energy levels significantly. It supplies enough nutrients, vitamin C, and water to your body, which keeps you high on energy for your weight loss workouts. An indirect way to promote your journey, indeed!

People suffering from diabetes should consume amla juice along with bitter gourd juice. This will keep the levels of sugar in the bloodstream under control while eliminating the flab around the belly.

Amla for Weight Loss

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How To Use Amla For Weight Loss? 

1. Amla Juice

Both concentrated and diluted forms of amla juice are known to aid in weight loss. To prepare amla juice, remove pits from the fruits, cut them into small pieces, and whizz them in a blender. Now, extract the juice and store it in the refrigerator. Just mix 1 part of this juice with 3 parts of water and have it the first thing in the morning every day. The juice not only helps in losing weight but also strengthens immunity, makes the skin better, and keeps us active throughout the day. However, make sure that you drink it daily for the best results.

If you do not have access to fresh amla, buy unsweetened amla juice concentrate or amla powder. They are widely available in supermarkets.

Amla Juice for Weight Loss

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2. Raw Amla 

If you want to keep the fibers in the fruit intact, indulge in raw amla. You can simply clean and eat a whole amla fruit first thing in the morning if you can tolerate its sourness.

3. Dried Amla

Amla is available in its dried form too. You can purchase a pack of sun-dried amla and pop some in your mouth whenever hunger strikes. It is a two-edged sword, which helps control hunger pangs and also promotes weight loss. Just make sure not to use the salted kind since you do not want to cause water retention in the body or the sweetened kind so that you can stay away from the intake of extra calories.

Candied amla (murabba), pickled amla, amla jam, etc. are some other ways to include amla in your regular diet. They also combine bursts of taste with high dosage of health.

Dried Amla Candy for Weight Loss

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Side Effects Of Consuming Amla

Although amla is stuffed with tons of weight loss benefits, too much consumption of it might not be safe. Some of the most common side effects of amla consumption include allergy, hyperacidity, constipation, dryness of skin and scalp, foul smell and burning sensation during urination, etc. Conversely, you must steer clear of this superfood or use it cautiously if you are experiencing iron deficiency, hypoglycemia, hypertension, cardiac issues, renal disorders, etc.

Did You Know?

The popular Ayurvedic medicine called Triphala churna’ is made by mixing amla, bibhitaki, and haritaki in equal parts. Consumption of this churna regularly wil also help you with your weight loss issue.

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