15 Tips to Make the Most of Your Belly Button Piercing

Belly button piercing or navel piercing is in vogue these days. The simplicity and versatility of this type of body piercing have made it a popular fashion statement. But there are certain things that should be taken into account before giving your belly button a sexy look through piercing. We have listed them down. Take a look:


1. Always take a well-informed decision as you are thinking about undergoing a medical procedure. If you are under 18, you have to take permission from your guardian.

2. Belly button piercing comes with a lot of pain and risks. Proper aftercare is of utmost importance in such situations. You might have to stay away from yoga, exercises, strenuous activities, and so on for the first few weeks. So, go for it only if you are completely ready.

3. Remember, only an experienced person can give you a safe and perfect piercing. Hence, do not take a chance while choosing your belly button piercer. A licensed professional will always be the best choice for this purpose.

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4. An outer navel piercing needs the piercer to handle additional skin, while an inner one does not take that much time. Therefore, if you are planning for an outie, make it a point to seek the help of a seasoned piercer.

5. The piercing is basically conducted with disposable sterile needles to ensure maximum safety. However, you will find many piercers using piercing guns or other similar machines for this purpose. Strictly avoid such tools as they can spread diseases in no time.

6. As hygiene and cleanliness are two biggest factors associated with belly button piercing, you need to make sure that the piercer is putting on surgical latex gloves during the process.

7. Before taking an appointment with the piercer, make sure that the piercing parlor is clean enough. It would reduce your risk of developing infections after piercing to a large extent.

8. You might need the advice or guidance of your piercer when the entire process is over. So, ask him or her beforehand whether he or she will be available or not in case of an issue.

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9. Your piercing jewelry should be made of non-corrosive non-allergic metals, such as surgical titanium, stainless steel (implant grade), platinum, niobium, 14 karat gold, etc. Materials like sterling silver, bone, nickel, etc. can make you more prone to infections.

10. Warm saline solution (sea salt water) is the best thing to take care of your piercing. It helps in making the area clean and germ-free. Moreover, it can make the process of healing speedier. So, use boiled salt water for washing your belly button piercing.

11. You can also replace the saline solution with a good quality anti-bacterial soap. Use it at least twice daily for preventing any sort of infection.

12. Do not touch the area of piercing while it is healing. It may spread the infection rapidly. Rather turn the jewelry carefully (without laying the hand on the piercing) a few times every day.

13. Do not wear waistbands or other similar jewelries up to 6 or 12 months (depending upon the speed of healing). Or else, the area around your navel would get severely infected.

14. You should wear loose-fit clothes unless and until your belly button piercing gets completely cured.

15. Stay away from swimming or tanning at least for a few weeks. Or else, the procedure of healing would get delayed.

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