Restore the Contours of your Face via an AccuLift

Everyone dreams of looking ‘youthful’ forever! In Ancient Times, people even looked for the Fountain of Youth, experimented with diverse herbs, undertook specific activities, etc, to improve their looks and longevity. In modern times, people look towards technology to lend a helping hand! Bearing this in mind, manufacturers of beauty products, cosmetic surgeons, etc, come up with all manner of options to please eager patients. One such option is an AccuLift procedure.

What is an AccuLift?

It is a cosmetic procedure undertaken by a certified plastic surgeon, to reduce the signs of aging in the lower part of your face. At the same time, do not be under the impression that you will never age for the rest of your life, just by going through this one-time process! What it does is to re-contour your face, such that you definitely look much better than you did before.

How is an AccuLift different from a facelift?

A facelift has a clinical name, Rhytidectomy. The aim is to ensure that your facial beauty improves via the removal of wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. They have appeared on your face, thanks to a stressful lifestyle and exposure to polluted atmospheres. Even here, a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon will work on the underlying facial muscles, such that the structure of your face seems to acquire a complete makeover. You may expect excess skin and pockets of fat to disappear too. Despite being an invasive procedure, the surgeon takes care to keep scarring almost negligible. As a result, the outcome is wonderfully natural and beautiful.

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With regard to an AccuLift, it is non-invasive in nature. The surgeon takes recourse to a laser machine, which helps to re-sculpt the facial contours and tighten sagging skin via removal of excessive fat. However, the focus is more on the lower areas of the face, rather than on the whole face.

When would you want to go for an AccuLift?

Well, there could be several reasons for wanting some reconstruction of your existing facial appearance.

You look into your mirror and observe with horror the double, or even triple chins, making the lower half of your face look very full and bloated!

Alternatively, you notice that the flesh along your jaw line and lower cheeks is rather loose, allowing everyone to have a good look at your unsightly jowls!

Finally, observe your nasolabial folds. They are your smile/laugh lines, moving from either side of your nose to either corner of your mouth. They separate the cheeks and upper lips. However, if they appear too indented in appearance, it means that these folds are visibly aging!


Who is an ideal candidate for AccuLift procedure?

It is ideal for individuals, who hate to go in for an invasive surgery, such as a facelift, despite the latter providing excellent results. Nonetheless, do not worry that an AccuLift will not do wonders for your face, specifically if you are in the age bracket of 40, 50, 60, etc. It will award you a gloriously youthful jaw line and neckline, albeit in a marvelously subtle and natural-looking manner. Nevertheless, you will still have to depend upon your doctor’s opinion regarding your suitability for this procedure.

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To illustrate, do not be fooled into thinking that this process is an apt substitute for a mini/full facelift. It is not! The technique is for treating particular facial problems, and not for reducing wrinkles on the face, as a facelift does. Then again, an AccuLift suffices for faces that do not require too much of intervention.

You would do well not to go in for an AccuLift if your skin is very loose, or your face is very thin. Similarly, skin damaged due to overexposure to the sun will not benefit much through this procedure. Are you wondering why? Well, this procedure does not penetrate the deeper layers of skin. Therefore, your skin issues will remain as they are, with barely any improvement. Only the excess pockets of fat will disappear.

What happens during an AccuLift procedure?

The plastic surgeon takes around half-an-hour or so, in order to complete this one-time procedure. It is an outpatient process, albeit performed within a completely sterile environment.

First, the doctor administers a local anesthesia to your face. You do not require general anesthesia. Furthermore, general anesthesia carries its own risks, specifically if you have prior medical conditions. When your face becomes numb, the surgeon picks up a small needle and gets to work. The surgeon uses this thin needle to puncture certain areas of your face. However, the incisions are not many, just about four to six in number. They are generally located in areas like the chin, cheeks (nearer the ears) and either side of the nose.

Next, an AccuSculpt 1444 nm-wavelength laser comes into play. The surgeon inserts this laser fiber into a puncture, and turns it on. He/she takes care of all the ‘twisting and turning’ required, to break up fat deposits lying underneath the surface of the skin. As the laser continues to provide heat, these broken deposits undergo emulsification. This means that they change from a solid state to a liquid one. The surgeon removes this liquid with the aid of a liposuction process. Along with the fat, your skin receives warmth too. As the fat pocket decreases in size, the skin in that area receives a ‘lift’, and tightens. As soon as he/she clears up an area, the surgeon removes the laser and seals the skin puncture with the aid of a single suture. Now, he/she moves to another area of your face and repeats the entire procedure from beginning to end.

Thus, an AccuLift requires lesser time to perform, fewer sutures, less time for recovery, and best of all, is affordable.

What is the cost of an AccuLift procedure?

Now, there is no denying that an AccuLift is far more affordable in comparison to a facelift. On average, it costs anywhere between $2,000 and $4,500. However, the price may go up or down sometimes, keeping in alignment with the charges outlined by the concerned plastic surgeon. This individual may decide to charge more/less in accordance with his experience and expertise.

What are the post-surgical effects of an AccuLift?

You may witness some temporary bruising post your non-invasive surgery. However, it should be minimal in nature. In fact, you need have no worries at all since you will recover quickly. The recovery time is not as great as it is for a traditional facelift. In general, a majority of patients experience no adverse effects. Above all, you are bound to be thrilled with the results!

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Are there any side effects related to an AccuLift?

True, the procedure and the technology are relatively new, becoming more popular in the U.S. than in other places across the globe. Nonetheless, patients have not complained! In actuality, they are overjoyed at looking five to ten years younger than their actual ages. No one has reported any side effects thus far.

What is the future of ‘AccuLift’?

Beauty experts and the medical fraternity are keen to discover how long the effects of such a procedure will last. For now, it is just a one-time procedure. However, they would like to know if patients would have to come back for a ‘renewal’ process in the future, or not.

Then again, the skins of males are inclined to be on the heavier side. Therefore, the tightening effects tend to take somewhat longer than they do for female skins.

Currently, surgeons feel that it would be best to offer AccuLift as an option for people requiring a touch-up after a heavy facelift. They also feel that the procedure would work well for individuals possessing mild-to-moderate fatty tissue deposits under facial skin. It may not be worthwhile for ‘heavily aged’ faces.

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