How To: Get Rid Of Bingo Wings With Diet And Exercise

If you are not that aware of the shape of your upper arms, the chances are big that you have already developed some flabby bits of skin underneath them. These are bingo wings and needless to say, you hate these like anything. But modifying your diet the proper way and exercising regularly can help you beat bingo wings successfully. We tell you how:

Get Rid Of Bingo Wings

Diet Tips To Get Rid Of Bingo Wings

Diet plays a key role in reshaping flabby upper arms. Learn what to and what not to include in your diet chart for throwing bingo wings out:

  1. Limit Your Food Intake

The very first modification that you need to do in your diet is to limit the amount of regular edibles that you take in everyday. The objective is to put a control to the solid food intake as eating less is incredibly helpful for getting rid of bingo wings. When you eat in lesser amounts, you actually take in relatively fewer calories and become able to reduce your excess body weight. It is much needed for improving the circulation of blood throughout the upper body as well as slimming up the upper arms.

  1. Drink As Much As Possible

As you will be eating less, there will be a strong need of drinking healthy and that too in a huge amount, especially when you are struggling to get rid of weight from the stubborn areas of your body including the upper arms. So, consume at least 8 glasses (i.e. 2 liters) of fluid (must be no-calorie choices like water, dandelion tea, ginger tea, etc.) every day to get rid of toxins and remain filled up.

Lemon Water

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  1. Increase Intake Of Leafy Greens

Apart from controlling your overall weight, you should also try to rebalance the levels of hormone in your body as it is the reason behind bingo wings in many elderly women. According to experts, green leafy vegetables are highly beneficial for boosting up the functionalities of excretory glands in our body, especially those which produce the male hormone called testosterone. This can help in reducing fat from upper arms effectively.

  1. Do Not Skip Dairy Products

You might have heard that skipping dairy products is good for getting rid of hard-to-shift fat from our body. But it is actually wrong. If you want to remove fat from your bingo wings, you have to opt for dairy items that are rich in calcium. Consume cheese, yogurt, tofu, fortified milks (soy, oat, rice, etc.) in large amounts so that the oxidation of fat gets augmented.

Exercise Tips To Get Rid Of Bingo Wings

You must exercise well along with proper intake of food in order to get rid of bingo wings. Try the following ones for best results:

  1. Plank

Lie down with your face downwards and arms bent to your sides. Raise your body up by supporting it with your forearms, while placing your upper arms shoulder-width apart. Your torso and back should be straight and you should balance it on your toes.  Contract your abdominal muscles to stay in this position for 30 seconds.

  1. T-Push Up

Place yourself in a push-up position. Lower the body towards the ground, while keeping your arms straight. Now, push the back a little up and rotate the entire body towards left in an outward direction. Lift and straighten your right arm. Also, point the fingertips upwards. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and repeat the steps with your left arm up.

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  1. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Hold dumbbells in both hands so that the palms remain inwards. Place the weights on your shoulders while standing straight on the floor. Now, press them upwards by stretching your arms towards the ceiling. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and then get back to the previous posture.

Get Rid Of Bingo Wings

  1. Dumb Bell Arm Curl

Hold dumbbells in both hands just like the previous way so that the palms remain inwards. Place the arms at the sides of your body and bend them right at the elbows. Also, lift them up gradually along with the dumbbells until the upper arms point towards the ceiling. Stay at this position for a second and then, lower the arms.

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  1. Crescent Lunge And Unilateral Row

Stand straight on the ground with your feet together. Keep your arms at the sides of your body and hold a dumbbell in the right one. Get into the lunge position by stepping forward with your left leg. Once your knee is at right angle with the floor, lower your torso and lift your left arm up to the side with the palm down. At the same time, bend your right arm at the elbow and let the dumbbell be in line with the torso.

You may try some other exercises like simple stretching, flexing and toning, swimming, brisk walking, using rowing machine, kneeling v arm raise, pike walk push-up combo, chair dips, etc. can be also helpful for removing those unattractive bingo wings.

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