Natural Remedies for Aches and Pains during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is bliss! The feeling of carrying a life inside refuels every woman with an unmatched joy. It takes us on an entirely new journey of life which starts with the day of conception. But, this path is not very smooth. Pregnancy triggers significant hormonal changes in your body which does not allow you to enjoy your normal body status. These hormonal changes also give way to a number of physical discomforts such as low back pain, leg cramps, headache etc. but, killing these pregnancy borne aches by allopathic medicines is not considered good for both mom and baby’s health. However, nature has some wonderful remedies which all would-be moms can use to reduce body pains and enjoy healthy pregnancy. Read on to know more about those magical medicines from nature’s therapy basket –

Aches and Pains during Pregnancy

1. Natural Remedy for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain irritates the going to be moms the most. The best way to get rid of it is avoiding both kinds of footwear – heels and too flat flip flops. Flip flops do not provide any support to your body and are considered uncomfortable for pregnant women. If you want a backache free pregnancy, try a comfortable pair of shoes. Normally, these tricks cure initial back-pains during pregnancy but for more severe cases, heat therapy can be of great benefit. Heat soothes back muscles which reduces pain in the affected area. You can use a heat pad or warm water bottle to get a relief.

2. How to treat leg cramps naturally in pregnancy

Leg cramp hassles almost every would be mother. Although, prenatal massage is taken as the most effective cure for prenatal leg cramps but if your pain is not getting cured that way, you can try gorging on magnesium rich diets such as leafy vegetable, milk, nuts. Magnesium works wonder in cutting down leg cramps.

3. Natural Cure for Heartburn

Pregnancy comes with a lot of hormonal changes in you. These changes target almost all of your body function, including your digestive system. This alteration in your digestion leads to many temporary health problems such as acidity, heartburn etc. Here are a few tips that can offer you relief in such cases in all natural way-

  • Go for less spicy and less oily food – Food cravings go on its epitome during pregnancy. And, you feel like eating the spiciest food of the planet but be cautious, as such food may lead you to problems of heartburn and acidity. It is better to stick to lighter food.
  • Elevate your mattress on upper part – Many a times congested baby positions also lead you to heartburn. Elevating mattress on the upper part helps impeccably in correcting baby position and it makes you feel better.
  • If you are not getting relief even after trying these tips and trick, getting dose of some of the harmless herbs such as Psyllium husk will be very effective.

4. Chemical free treatment of headache during pregnancy

Headache also troubles pregnant women a lot. And, this is one of the most annoying health issues. Experts suggest drinking plenty of water as the best remedy to avoid headache during pregnancy. This not only cuts down the headache but also eases you up in getting rid of tensions too. Some doctors also suggest munching on dried nuts to avoid such problems.

Pregnancy is supposedly the best experience for a woman. But, to make it simple and fun, you need to take care of a few important things. Going organic or natural is one of the crucial points.

A bottle of water also helps in reducing pain in pregnancy.

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