How To Get Rid Of Aches And Pains During Pregnancy Naturally

Pregnancy is an amazing blissful journey of life. Since the day of conception, it refuels every woman with an unmatched joy. If you are an expecting mom, you know very well the feeling of carrying a life inside. But, the path of pregnancy is not very smooth. While health complications, anxiety, discomfort etc. are quite common throughout this period, you also go through aches and pains very often. Today, we will be talking about natural remedies for healing aches and pain during pregnancy so that you can enjoy your pregnancy in a more comfortable way and make it easier for your baby to arrive.

Aches and Pains during Pregnancy

What Causes Aches And Pains During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy triggers significant hormonal changes in your body, which do not allow you to enjoy your normal body status. These hormonal changes also give way to a number of physical issues, such as low back pain, leg cramp, headache etc. that often cause mild to severe discomforts. In other words, aches and pains are indispensable parts of pregnancy and you cannot completely steer clear of these.

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Why Go Natural For Pregnancy-Borne Aches?

There are lots of commercial medicines intended to treat pregnancy-borne aches and pains. But killing them with allopathy is considered bad for the health of both the would-be mom and her baby. All those synthetic drugs contain chemical compounds, which mess with the internal systems of the body, thereby causing serious harm in the long run. Rather, our Mother Nature has some wonderful remedies that all would-be moms can use without any worry for reducing body aches and improving the overall health.

Natural Cures For Aches And Pains During Pregnancy

Read on to know more about those magical medicines from nature’s therapy basket.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the most widely reported pain that irritates the going to be moms the most. It can involve different parts of our lower back including joints, ligaments, bones, muscles, and sometimes even the nerves.

The first thing you can do to get rid of it is to avoid certain kinds of footwear, such as heels and flip-flops. Heels are always considered uncomfortable for pregnant women while flip-flops, being too flat, also do not provide any support to your body. Hence, if you want a backache-free pregnancy, put on comfortable pairs of shoes all the time. Initially, this small trick is enough to cure lower back pains during pregnancy.

However, in more severe cases, heat therapy can be of great benefit. Heat soothes our back muscles and reduces pain in the affected area of the body. You can either use a heating pad or a warm water bottle to get relief from acute lower back pain.

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Leg Cramp

Leg cramp hassles almost every would-be mother. It is mostly due to fatigue, which can be caused by the pressure created on certain nerves by the uterus or a lesser flow of blood to the legs. Typically, a prenatal massage is taken as the most effective cure for such leg cramps.

However, if your pain is not getting cured that way, then you might be experiencing dehydration or a deficiency of minerals like magnesium or calcium. In that case, you can try gorging on magnesium-rich food, such as leafy vegetables, milk, nuts, etc. This will work wonder in cutting down your leg cramps.


Headaches also trouble pregnant women a lot and it is known to be one of the most annoying issues of this phase. As there is a surge of hormones inside the body along with an enhanced volume of blood, the headache becomes a frequent affair for you. The condition can even get worse by poor posture and excessive stress.

Experts suggest drinking plenty of water for avoiding headaches during pregnancy. This not only cuts down the continuous pain in your head but also eases you up by eliminating tensions. Some doctors also suggest munching on dried nuts to stay away from such problems.

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As mentioned earlier, pregnancy comes with a lot of hormonal changes in you. These changes target almost all of your internal systems including the digestive system, which causes alterations in your bodily functions. Changes in digestion lead to many temporary health problems, such as acidity, heartburn etc. Here are a few tips that can offer you relief from these in an all-natural way:

1. Go For Less Spicy And Less Oily Food

Food craving reaches its epitome during pregnancy and you feel like eating the spiciest food on the planet. But be cautious as such food may lead you to problems like heartburn and acidity. So, it is better to stick to lighter food that is prepared with fewer spices and even lesser oil.

2. Elevate The Upper Part Of Your Mattress

Sometimes the position of the baby turns out to be too congested, which often causes issues like heartburn. A mattress with an elevated upper part will help you impeccably in correcting the position of your baby and you will feel a lot better in no times.

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3. Take A Few Doses Of An Effective Herb

If you are not getting a relief even after trying those aforementioned tips and tricks, simply go herbal. Just get a dose of some of the effective herbs, such as Psyllium husk and that will definitely prove effective for you.

You may also undergo several other rare conditions, such as hemorrhoid, round ligament pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc during pregnancy. These also cause significant aches and pains.

Tips To Reduce Pregnancy Aches And Pains

Finally, check out some simple yet extremely helpful tips that would save you during that important period of your life:

  • Keep a pillow under your back or between your legs while sleeping.
  • Pay attention to your diet in order to manage your nutrition.
  • Make sure that you practice light exercises every day.
  • Ease some of the pressure on your body by choosing swimming.
  • Alternative therapies like yoga, meditation, etc. can benefit you a lot.

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