Safe Beauty Regimen During Pregnancy – What to Use and What Not to Use

When it comes to pregnancy, women need to be careful about everything they include in their regular beauty or skin care routine. If you do not know what to use and what not during those precious days of your life, you may end up harming both yourself as well as your baby. So today, let us talk about how to keep our beauty regimen safe during pregnancy. Here is what you should know about your regular beauty products:

Safe Beauty Regimen During Pregnancy


Using sunscreen during pregnancy is of utmost importance. It can take great care of our skin, which turns highly sensitive this time due to secretion of pregnancy hormones. Try to opt for non-chemical based sunscreens, which do not go deep into the skin. Sunscreens that contain zinc oxide and titanium oxide are excellent for this purpose as they provide protection from the damaging ultraviolet rays without penetrating the skin. On the other hand, oxybenzone in these products may result into low weight in baby girls.

Acne Products

Pregnancy pimples are the results of extreme hormone fluctuations. It is highly advised that you consult with your doctor before taking OTC acne medications. There are a number of prescription medicines available in the market for treating acne. But most of them contain chemical compounds like isotretinoin, tretinoin, tetracyclines, etc., which are known to cause serious birth defects. At-home peels, lotions, creams, etc. are also dangerous for pregnancy usage as they usually comprise salicylic acid and retinoid. However, your dermatologist will recommend you certain safe topical drugs containing clindamycin, azelaic acid, erythromycin, glycolic acid peels, etc. for this purpose.

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Anti-Aging Cream

Retinol is known to be one of the most common ingredients of various anti-aging products, especially the anti-wrinkle creams. Scientists have proved that this chemical is associated with severe birth defects. Therefore, you must check the label of the product prior to including it in your beauty regimen during pregnancy.


It has been found that almost 61% branded lipsticks contain lead, which can cause acute poisoning in our body. No matter whether you are pregnant or not, you should always avoid such dangerous products.

Safe Beauty Regimen During Pregnancy

Hair Color

There is no evidence of damaging effects of hair dyes on pregnant women. But it is still suggested that you do not apply them directly to your scalp. Also, try to skip hair colors and dyes that contain ammonia as they may cause serious allergies in pregnancy. Rather, switch to natural and healthy alternatives that would be good for both the would-be mom as well as the baby.

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Most of the hairsprays available in the market contain phthalates or phthalate esters. A few studies have found these chemicals to be potentially risky for pregnant women as they cause birth defects in newborns when inhaled. Though more researches are required to establish the truth, it is always safe to replace these hairsprays with some good hair gels or mousses.

Nail Polish

Just like hairsprays, certain nail polishes also contain phthalates. If, by any chance, they get into the skin of pregnant women during the application on nails, the health of their babies may become endangered. Hence, it is better to choose nail lacquers that are free from phthalates. You can also find a well-ventilated place for polishing your nails as it speeds up the process of drying and limits the exposure to such harmful chemicals significantly.

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