How to Get Firmer Breasts Naturally at Home- Try These 10 Home Remedies

Breasts make a vital part of woman’s body; not only it adds to the curve and beauty of the fairer sex, but also is essential in nursing babies. Made of ligaments and tissues, breasts do not have any muscles in them. So it is natural that with age, our skin tend to lose its elasticity, thus resulting in sagging breasts. Read below and learn about other factors of droopy breasts, remedies to try out, tips to know and many more. 

Causes of Breast Sagging

Before you gear up to find solutions to get back youthful and firm breasts, it’s always suggested that you have an enhanced knowledge about the causes of breast sagging.

The most prominent cause that has been associated with flaccid breasts is age. While young women enjoy firm and proper shaped breasts, the skin gradually tends to droop with age. As per the medical surveys, it is stated that a woman in her thirties start to loose skin elasticity slowly.

Pregnancy is the second most crucial reason that you should be aware of. During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes strong changes, especially the breasts. It gains lot of fat, thereby losing the firmness fast.

Breast feeding or nursing your baby is the third cause that is strongly linked with loose breasts. The chest tissues tend to give up its firmness during breast feeding, thus affecting the shape.

Too much consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, carbonated beverages are also responsible for losing the shape and firmness of breasts.

Exercising such as jogging, brisk walking, running etc. without the proper sports bra is yet another cause for saggy breasts. These fast and intense movements result in skin stretching, thus losing its elasticity.

Finally, there are some diseases such as breast cancer, tuberculosis and more that weakens the internal cells and organs of the body, resulting in saggy breasts.

How to Get Firmer Breasts

Breast Firming Creams: Why Not to Use It

The modern market is flooded with multiple breast firming creams and lotions that claim to help you regain firm and shapely breasts within a short time span. From cosmetic implants to over-the-counter ointments, you will surely be allured to try out these easy solution. However, according to several surveys and reports, it has been proved that breast firming creams have multiple side effects that can inject critical diseases in the long run. In case you plan to opt for any cosmetic product, make sure to consult a medical professional beforehand.

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Home Remedies to Get Firm Breast

While there are many lotions and treatments available in the market today to firm up the breasts, it is always safe to opt for natural and organic home remedies to prevent sagging breasts. Below we have suggested some natural quick fixes that can work wonder in reviving your chest curves.

1. Methi Pack

Make a paste of ¼ cup of methi with some water. Massage this paste onto the breasts. Leave it for ten minutes and wash it off. Repeating this fortnightly will give you fuller and firmer breasts.

fenugreek seeds

2. Egg White Mask

Beat an egg white and whisk it well. Apply the fluffy egg white cream to the breasts, especially the bottom part. Leave it for half hour. Wash it off with some cucumber or onion juice. Repeat this weekly to firm up the breasts.

Egg White Mask

3. Push Ups

This is one of the most effective ways of firming up your breasts. Do push-ups regularly since they help in strengthening the pectoral muscles in the breasts. They also help you reduce the fat around your chest, giving you firmer breasts.

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4. Massage

Massage your breasts on alternate days, before bath time with some olive oil. The olive oil will help increase the elasticity of the breasts and also tone it up. Massaging with upward strokes will increase the blood flow, stimulate cell repair, thus enhancing your breasts. Ice massage is also consider to be a great handy solution as cold temperature helps tighten the skin elasticity naturally.

You can also try several essential oils such as lemongrass oil, carrot oil, fennel oil etc. to add more firmness to the breasts. However make sure to use the right dosage to avoid hot burning sensation.

5. Good Sitting Posture

Make sure you correct your sitting posture and is aware of it always. Most often, we tend to sit in a frontward position with lowered shoulders; thereby allowing our breasts to start drooping automatically. Sit straight, without drooping and it will automatically perk up your breasts.

6. Yoga for Firmer Breasts

Yoga is known to have miraculous power when it comes to enhancing your body. There are many asanas that help strengthen pectoral muscles and prevent the sagging of breasts. Try the shirshasana (head stand), sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and bhujangasana to add more elasticity, firmness to your breasts. Incorporate these yogas in your daily exercise regimen and enjoy lasting results.

Yoga for Firmer Breast

7. Pomegranate and Mustard Oil

Pomegranate is known for its firming properties and is used in a variety of anti-aging creams. A natural way to use it would be to make a paste of the pomegranate peel and mix it with some warm mustard oil. Massage this oil on the breasts in circular motion every night. This will make your breasts firm within a few weeks.

8. Pick the Right Bra

To keep your breasts firm, providing proper support is essential. Always ensure that you are wearing the right bra that keeps your breast tight and firm. Replace your old bras with well fitted ones that will support your breast contours perfectly. You can even find some special bras with extra support available in the market for maximum benefit.

9. Maintain Weight

Excess body weight plays a crucial role in making flabby breasts. Make sure that you stay healthy and fit; obesity is a prime reason that damages skin elasticity. It causes unwanted stretching of the skin and sagging of breasts.

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10. Have a Balanced Diet

Having a good lifestyle and balanced diet is also the key secret to firm, youthful breast. Eat foods that are rich in proteins since they help in restoring the collagen in the body that will firm up the breasts eventually.

Balanced Diet

Try these natural and simple home remedies and see your confidence perk up with firm, youthful breasts!


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