Opt For These Oils To Darken Your Hair Naturally (With DIY Recipes)

Since the ancient times, Indians have been obsessed with their thick, long, and naturally black hair. Although the ever-changing hair styling trends in the Indian beauty industry make us experiment with our hair color every now and then, we still can never get enough of our dark lustrous hair. But no matter how much we try to maintain the natural dark hue of our locks, it can fade away over time and sometimes even lead to premature graying. If you are also experiencing the same, simply rely on oil and your har will turn darker again. Let’s find out why the hair turns lighter, know how oil can rectify it, and identify the best oils to darken your hair naturally.

How Does The Hair Turn Lighter?

The natural color of our hair is determined by the levels of melanin (a type of natural pigment) present in it. When the levels change, the pigmentation of the hair also starts to change. There are a number of factors that strip our hair of its melanin over time, thereby changing both its color and texture. These include:

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Why Use Oil To Make Hair Darker?

When it comes to making hair darker, you have tons of choices available in the market. Most of them are synthetic hair dyes that promise to turn your lighter hair darker instantly. But all of these products come loaded with harmful chemical compounds, which should not be used regularly. Here comes the importance of oils. Extracted from natural sources, these oils can lend your hair a deep color over time in a far better way. Here is why you should opt for oils to darken your locks:

  • Oil is a fully natural remedy for making hair darker. It does not contain damaging chemicals like synthetic hair darkening products, which makes it a safe bet.
  • When massaged into the scalp, the oil penetrates deep into it and fortify hair roots by binding hair protein. This makes the hair fibers healthier and stronger, which eventually helps in increasing the levels of natural pigment in them.
  • As oil improves the overall health of the hair, the process of premature graying is averted. It also prevents the possibility of graying in near future.

However, you must try to find a reliable brand that has been selling pure organic oils extracted from natural sources. This way, you can be sure that you are putting no harmful element in your locks.

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4 Best Oils To Darken Your Hair Naturally

Not all oils are equally beneficial for making light and dull hair darker. But there are certain oils which can do wonder for your hair color while enhancing its health, texture, and beauty to a great extent. Let’s take a look at a few oils to darken your hair naturally:

1. Castor Oil

castor oil

Remember your grandma asking you to apply castor oil for longer and thicker hair?Well, it may be smelly and gooey but it is one of the best oils you can ever use for your hair. And when used consistently, it can also make your hair look darker. Apart from the scalp, castor oil is used on eyelashes to promote their growth. Massaging your hair with castor oil regularly can also reverse sun damage and cause regrowth.

Massage castor oil into your scalp and leave it overnight. Use a shower cap while sleeping and wash it off the following morning. Do this 2-3 times a week. Use for a couple of months to get darker and healthier hair.

Castor oil is a carrier oil and it is extremely thick in consistency. It is better to mix it with coconut oil or almond oil or olive oil in equal amount for applying to the scalp instead of using directly.

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2. Amla Oil

Amla oil

Amla, being rich in vitamin C, is used extensively to promote hair growth and darker hair. The ingredient comes packed with hair-friendly nutrients that help us take good care of our locks while boosting the levels of pigment in them. The best thing about amla oil is that it can be prepared at home easily and effortlessly.

Simply chop up a few fresh amlas and add them to a cup of coconut oil. Let it sit for a couple of days and then, strain the mixture. Use it as a conditioner after shampooing your hair and massage lightly into your damp hair. Let it remain on the hair for about fifteen minutes. Then, rinse with lukewarm water. Repeated usage of this oil is said to help hair growth, retard greying, and make the hair darker.

Amla oil is rich in antioxidants. If your hair is dull and damaged, this oil will make it lustrous and healthy over time.

3. Brahmi Oil

Brahmi Oil

Brahmi oil is very effective in fighting against the premature graying of the hair. Regular use of it darkens the hair color too. But, most preparations available off the shelf have mineral oil in them. So, try to make your own Brahmi oil at home rather than buying a bottled product.

Heat up a cup of coconut oil. Add 2 teaspoons of Brahmi powder and 1 teaspoon of methi or fenugreek seeds to it. Allow the entire concoction to boil until the methi seeds pop. Sieve this mixture and use the oil regularly before washing your hair. Over time, you will notice the darkening of your hair and a remarkable reduction in grey hair.

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4. Curry Leaf Oil

Curry leaves oil

While eating curry leaves is extremely good for our health, applying it topically is great for our hair too! Using homemade curry leaf oil on your hair regularly will make it longer, stronger, thicker, and also quite darker.

Roughly chop up some curry leaves and dry them in the sun. Soak these dried leaves in some coconut oil for a couple of days and let the extract get incorporated into the oil thoroughly. Strain and use it in place of your regular hair oil. Within a few months of use, you can see a noticeable change in both volume and pigmentation of your hair.

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