5 Reasons to Eat Sauerkraut to Boost Your Health

Have you heard of sauerkraut? It is a German word which means “sour cabbage”.  It is made by finely cutting cabbages that are fermented with the help of lactic acid bacteria. It is an extremely healthy ingredient and there are lot of health benefits associated with this product. Read on to explore some of them.


1. Rich in Vitamins

As sauerkraut is a fermented food, it means that the useful components like protein and carbohydrates have been broken down into easily digestible compounds. It is a rich source of vitamin B, C and K. it is an extremely rich source of dietary fiber and contains a lot of useful minerals like iron, copper and even potassium as well.

Our body needs a healthy source of essential minerals and vitamins as they aid in improving the metabolic activities. By opting to include sauerkraut is your diet; you will be able to enjoy the intake of all these vitamins and minerals. Owing to the fermentation of cabbage, the bioavailability of the nutrients is increased significantly.

2. It Acts As Cancer Inhibitor

Doctors and nutritionist have often told that sticking to the right diet can turn out to be extremely crucial in dealing with cancer. As per researches that were conducted on the use of sauerkraut, it has been found that it works as a cancer inhibitor.

When cabbage gets fermented to produce sauerkraut, it produces a substance known as isothiocynates. This compound is known to prevent cancer especially in colon, breast and lungs. A lot of different research and studies have indicated decreasing count of breast cancer in women who incorporated a lot of sauerkraut in their diet.

3. Strengthens the Digestive System

If you are suffering from problems of digestion, eating sauerkraut can turn out to be of help. The fact that it is rich in dietary fiber makes it efficient in cleaning the digestive system and those who suffer from problems of constipation can use sauerkraut to get rid of this problem. It also contains live lactobacilli bacteria which aids in speeding up the natural digestive system. These are essential microorganisms that are critical for smooth working of the digestive system.

Fermented foods are the preferred choice for improving the rate and efficiency of digestion because they make assimilation of proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients much more easy and effective. The nutritional value of the stuffs contained in the food increases a great deal too. The presence of a high amount of lactic acid makes it easy to digest a lot of stuffs. Sauerkraut helps in maintaining the intestinal flora and it increases the concentration of antibodies that gives you the power to deal with various intestinal problems.

4. Sauerkraut Is an Immune Booster

When cabbage is fermented, it helps in improving the immunity level. It contains a lot of phytochemicals that strengthens the immunity of your body. The presence of various different vitamins, minerals and useful bacteria makes sauerkraut one of the “must have products” in your diet. It will empower your body to fight against a lot of different infection and it has a direct impact in the immunity levels.

These are some of the main benefits that the use of sauerkraut has. It has been termed as s super food because of its unending nutritional benefits. Sauerkraut is commonly consumed in Germany and France; however, even those who do not eat a lot of sauerkraut should make it a point to incorporate it in their diet as the benefits will be there for all to see and observe.

5. One of the Best Fermented Vegetables

Fermented vegetables are always known for their added nutritional benefits. They make absorption of vital and essential minerals and nutrients much easier. Of all the fermented food, it is sauerkraut that has been hailed to be an extremely effective choice because it is rich in a lot of different elements. It is particularly recommended for those who suffer from indigestion issues and even those who have the risk of contracting cancer.

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