Here Is The Secret To Gorgeous Dark Brown Hair: DIY Henna And Coffee Hair Dye

Who does not love to have a thick, luscious bunch of dark brown hair? But when it comes to flaunting the shade, many of us drop the plan with a fear that the chemical color will take a toll on our hair. So, what is the best alternative to commercial hair colors that can add beautiful dark brown hue to your locks? The answer is henna and coffee hair dye! This simple and natural DIY recipe will add a rich dark brown tint as well as a lovely shine to your tresses and that too without destroying their health. Let’s explore more:

Henna and Coffee Hair Dye

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Why Use Henna?

Henna or ‘mehnedi‘ has long been used as a natural hair dye. However, when used in the right way, the haircare benefits of this simple ingredient go far beyond this. Here are why henna should be included in our haircare routine as a staple:

  • It covers grey hair without the harmful effects of ammonia or other chemicals and hence, does not leave it dull, dry, or damaged.
  • It repairs damaged hair by building a protective layer around each shaft and makes it thick and almost two times stronger. Consequently, we get rid of split ends and too much hair fall.
  • It conditions hair by locking in its natural moisture, thereby adding a natural shine and gloss to it.
  • It makes the scalp healthy by restoring its acid-alkaline balance and improves the overall growth of locks to a great extent.

Why Use Coffee?

The caffeine present in coffee is not only good for our health and skin but it also has amazing positive effects on our hair. Check out why using coffee on your locks is beneficial:

  • It stimulates the roots or follicles of our locks and helps us get rid of excessive hair loss while enhancing its natural growth.
  • It improves the circulation of blood throughout the scalp, thereby invigorating it and making the hair healthy.
  • It makes the hair softer, smoother, and manageable while giving it a wonderful texture and volume.
  • It imparts a rich brown color as well as a beautiful shine to the hair, which make it a perfect ingredient for homemade hair dye.

DIY Henna And Coffee Hair Dye Recipe

As both henna and coffee have dying properties, combining them will result in a dark brown color. So, here is the simple recipe that can turn your mane into that like celebrities:

Ingredients Required:

  • Henna powder – 5 tablespoons or as required (depending upon the length of your hair)
  • Instant Coffee (dehydrated) – 1 tablespoon or as required (there is no need to add more than 2 tablespoons as that will be enough for getting a rich color)
  • Water – 1 cup
  • One medium-sized glass mixing bowl
  • One small pot
  • One spoon
  • One shower cap/plastic cap/saran wrap
  • Two clean towels

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Preparation and Application:

1. In this recipe, we have used instant coffee as it is easy to prepare and does not consume much time. So, start with preparing the coffee. Pour the water into the pot. Meanwhile, turn the heat on. Now, place the pot over the flame and bring the water to a boil. Once it starts boiling, add the instant coffee to it. Once you are done with it, take the pot out of the heat and keep aside.

2. In the meantime, you need to prepare the towels for future use. Just put them in the dryer and toss for a few minutes. It will heat them up. Keep them aside too.

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3. Pour the henna powder into the glass mixing bowl. Start adding the freshly prepared coffee to it slowly. Keep stirring with the spoon so that the henna dissolves into the coffee completely and a smooth, thick batter is formed. It is crucial to keep the henna and coffee mixture warm so that you get a strong dye. Hence, take a heated towel and wrap it around the glass bowl to lock the heat in.

Henna is a safe natural dying ingredient for our hair. However, it should not be used too frequently on the locks, or else, it will dry out the hair. Make sure that you do not use it more than twice a month. Also, wash you hair thorougly after using hennna on your hair so that there is no residue deposited on your scalp.

4. After that, section your hair in order to make the task of application easy. You can choose to create 5 sections by taking small portions of hair from the top, back, middle and both sides of your head. It will help you ensure that no single hair is missed.

Henna and Coffee Hair Dye

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5. Now, start applying your homemade henna and coffee hair dye onto the back section of your hair. You should begin right from the roots and go towards the ends gradually. Repeat the same procedure for the rest 4 sections.

6. As soon as you end up covering all your hair with the dye mixture, wrap it with the saran wrap or simply put on the plastic or shower cap. Also, wrap the other towel around it nicely. This will keep your dye warm, prevent it from dehydrating and avoid its oxygenation.

7. After 3 to 4 hours, remove the towel as well as the cap from your hair. Rinse it off with a herbal shampoo and lukewarm water. Do not forget to apply conditioner thoroughly. Finally, wash it off with cold water and dry in the air.

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Tips to Remember

  • As coffee gives the dye a richer tint, you should avoid using a plastic bowl for preparation. Or, it will get stained badly.
  • Using hot coffee is considered as the most effective way to dye our hair deeply. So, make sure that you mix only freshly prepared coffee with henna.
  • Instant coffee is available in both powder and granulated forms. Though coffee powder always gives a better paste, you can make use of granulated coffee too.

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