Want A Healthy ‘You’? 10 Low-Calorie Indian Breakfasts You Will Swear By!

The cultural diversity of India contributes significantly to its cuisine, which makes it easy for Indians to find quite a number of healthy choices for a wholesome breakfast. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, people can easily take good care of their health while satisfying their taste buds with yummy yet low-calorie ‘first meal of the day’. Cutting calories from your breakfast will keep you physically fit and steer clear of a number of diseases. So, here is a list of 10 low-calorie Indian breakfasts that you must try out:

10 Low-Calorie Indian Breakfasts To Try

1. Poha

A speciality of west India, poha is a healthy and tasty breakfast dish made of beaten rice. It is a fat-free item and is highly nutritious. Moreover, it is extremely easy to make and takes merely 10 minutes to cook and serve. Poha can be made in various ways by keeping the basic method same, which has made the dish popular even across the country.

Calorie Count: 250

Highlights: Full of vitamins, carbohydrates, and iron; low in gluten, easy to digest, keeps weight under control, provides lots of energy.


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2. Idli

Made of fermented rice and urad dal, Idli is a staple South Indian breakfast dish that is delicious and extremely easy to make. The light yet filling snack has absolutely no oil and only fewer calories. It is a steamed item that takes around 20 minutes to prepare and you can eat it alone or with sambar and coconut chutney depending on your preference.

Calorie Count: 112

Highlights: Rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, vitamins, iron and calcium; free from gluten, easy on the stomach, aids in weight loss.


3. Curd Rice

Originated as a simple South Indian dish, curd rice has become the go-to meal for people all over the country. It is an extremely easy dish that takes hardly 10 minutes to prepare. All you need to do is mix curd with rice and cook the mixture for a few minutes with your favourite herbs. It is not only very tasty but also extremely healthy.

Calorie Count: 286

Highlights: Loaded with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, iron and calcium; light on the stomach, easy to digest, boosts immunity, aids in weight loss, cools down the body, reduces stress.

Curd Rice

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4. Oats

An excellent choice for Indian breakfasts, oats are highly nutritious, light yet filling, and very low in calories. It is readily available in the market and takes no time prepare as you can simply douse it in the steaming hot milk and start your day in a healthy way. To spruce up its taste, add fresh fruits and/or chopped nuts to the bowl.

Calorie Count: 102

Highlights: Enriched with soluble fibres, proteins, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids; low in fat, eases constipation, lowers cardiac risks, reduces blood sugar and hypertension, boosts energy, aids in weight loss, gives a better skin.


5. Fruit Salad

Fresh fruit salad is indeed a delight for people who prefer having low-calorie breakfasts. Though the number of calories can vary based on the types of fruits and the size of the serving, it is always significantly lower than most other common Indian breakfasts. You can munch on your favourite fruits with salad toppings or just have hem standalone with some salt and pepper. It is very filling and becomes ready in just 5 minutes.

Calorie Count: 70

Highlights: Very high in antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibres; cuts the risk of chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart attack, stroke, kidney stones, cancer, bone loss, etc.), promotes weight loss, supports the pregnancy, enhances energy, keeps skin and hair healthy.

Fruit’s salads

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6. Rava Upma

Here is another delicious South Indian preparation that is now enthusiastically eaten throughout the country. Upma is a low-calorie, nutritious meal that keeps hunger pangs away and can be prepared in only 15 minutes. The versatile dish is made of wheat rava and can be modified with nuts, vegetables, etc. based on preferences.

Calorie Count: 248

Highlights: Offers lots of carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, vitamins, minerals (iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, selenium, etc.); improves immunity, boosts energy, takes care of kidneys, heart, bones, and nervous system; treats anaemia.


7. Vegetable Sandwich

Vegetable-filled sandwiches are a most welcome breakfast for working Indian couples as they have less time to prepare a healthy breakfast and this one takes not more than 10 minutes. Based on the methods of processing followed and the veggies as well as other ingredients used, these sandwiches can vary in calories. But if you stick to the healthiest choices, you are going to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Calorie Count: 100

Highlights: Packed with fibres, antioxidants, carbohydrates, and vegetable proteins; low in saturated fat, easy to digest, gives enough energy.


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8. Plain Paratha With Curd

A speciality of India, parathas are a versatile item that can be made plain or stuffed based on individual choices. And when plain parathas cooked with less oil are served with fresh plain curd, it becomes a yummy low-calorie breakfast. You need only 15 minutes to prepare this meal and it is absolutely filing.

Calorie Count: 141.

Highlights: Provides lots of vitamins and minerals; helps in weight management, easy to digest, keeps metabolic disorders away, prevents gallstones in women. 

Plain Parathas with Curd

9. Cereal

Cereals are readily available in India and provide an excellent source of less fat and more mineral content. Hence, a cereal breakfast is an absolute delight owing to its many advantages. Pick a wholesome cereal that will keep you filled for a long time and add low-fat or non-fat milk or yoghurt to it. Your breakfast will be ready in no time.

Calorie Count: 110

Highlights: Hgh in proteins, fibres, calcium, and sodium; low in sugar, prevents obesity, enhances gastrointestinal health, lowers the risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, and colon cancer.


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10. Egg French Toast

Egg-lovers will find French toast to be the ultimate choice for breakfast. When made with fresh bread and other nutritious ingredients including egg, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. by using very less oil, it not only becomes low in calorie but also really tasty. Above all, you can make it only in 10 minutes.

Calorie Count: 117

Highlights: Rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, vitamins, and sodium, increases energy level, keeps bones healthy, enhances the functionalities of the nervous system.

French Toast

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