Smooth out your skin with Cranberry Anti-aging Face Masks

Cranberries are a popular fruit when it comes to making a juice. They are rich in antioxidants and fruit enzymes. They are also loaded with vitamins like A,C,E,K and minerals like iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium, making it not just great for health, but also for the skin in the form of a face mask. The antioxidants in it make cranberry anti-aging face mask effective, since it helps fight age causing free-radicals.

Not just that, the tartness in cranberries comes from the acidity in them and it makes them a good astringent – they help unclog pores and shrink them in size. The vitamin A and E help improve the collagen in the skin and thereby its elasticity. The overall effect is well toned skin with visibly reduced pores. So this makes cranberries effective not only to fight wrinkles, but you can also try the cranberry face mask to generally improve dull skin and also as a potent antiseptic that will help you fight acne and pimples.

How to make Cranberry Anti-aging Face Mask

We can make this mask in two ways, one for dry skin and another for oily skin. If you have dry skin that needs extra moisture along with anti-aging benefits, then make the cranberry-yogurt face mask. If you have combination/oily skin and want to derive benefits from cranberries, then combine cranberries with an equal portion of grapes to make a face mask. Let us see how to make the cranberry anti-aging face mask.

Cranberry anti-aging face mask with yogurt 

Cranberry Anti-aging Face Masks

You would need

  • 2 tsp pureed and sauteed cranberries
  • 2 tsp yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp olive oil

If you have cranberry sauce, you can use it directly in this mask or puree and saute the cranberries to use it. Whisk together all the three ingredients to form a smooth mixture. Cleanse your face well and apply the mask on the skin in a thick layer. Allow the skin to soak up the ingredients for about half an hour. By then, the pack would have  dried. Wipe it off with a washcloth and splash your face with some cold water to close the pores. The yogurt in this pack will treat dry skin and provide it moisture. Do this once a week for soft skin that remain age-proof.

Cranberry anti-aging face mask with Grapes 

Cranberry Anti-aging Face Masks

You would need

  • 2 tbsp of  blue grapes
  • 2 tbsp of cranberries
  • 1 tsp unflavored gelatin (optional)

If you want a thick gel-like mask, then you can add some gelatin to this pack. To make it, run all the ingredients in a blender and refrigerate for about an hour. The gelatin will set and you will get a gel like mask to use. Else, you can simply mix pureed grapes and cranberries and make the mask. Apply it all over cleansed skin and allow it to dry for about half an hour. Wipe off with a wash cloth and follow it up with washing your face. Both cranberries and grapes help curb the oiliness of the skin. Doing this once in a week will help keep your oily or combination skin both shine free and lines free.

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