Loose And Saggy Skin? Forget With These Effective Skin Tightening Oils

As teens, we love our firm and taut skin with a beautiful natural glow. But aging does not spare anyone. It makes our skin its very first victim. As a result, the skin loses its natural elasticity gradually and starts showing several signs of aging. While aging is a natural process and cannot be reversed, there are ways to delay or reduce it considerably. In fact, you can not only reduce your wrinkles and fine lines but also tighten your loose and saggy skin to a great extent. No, we are not talking about highly expensive cosmetic surgeries that can cause more harm than good to you with their nasty side effects. It is all about opting for certain natural skin tightening oils that are easy to use, safe, and really effective. Keep reading.

Why Does The Skin Turn Loose And Saggy?

Before delving into the best skin tightening oils and their correct usage, here are a few words about the reasons lying behind loose and saggy skin. Surprisingly, not only caused by intrinsic factors but also extrinsic factors are equally responsible for it.

  • As we age, ‘collagen‘ – the main structural protein of our skin – breaks down easily and quickly and the synthesis of new collagen becomes slower. Consequently, the skin loses its elasticity.
  • Aging weakens the connective tissue in our skin, which provides support to our bones and cartilages. This turns the skin loose and droopy.
  • Our skin is held up by a layer of evenly distributed fat underneath, which starts losing volume with age. As a result, small clumps of fat are formed beneath the skin, which start to sag due to gravity.
  • Too much exposure to the harsh sunlight is known to damage the collagen and elastin proteins in our skin, which makes the skin saggy.
  • Smoking can wreak havoc on our skin and invite the signs of premature aging.
  • The pollution in air expedites the process of aging in our skin, thereby revealing wrinkles and sagginess.
  • Rapid weight loss can also take a toll on the elasticity of our skin and make it look aged.

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Why Should You Use Skin Tightening Oils?

Does your body look as toned and lithe as it used to be in your teens? Definitely, not! As we age, our body undergoes certain changes that include a change in the overall shape of the body, a reduction in the elasticity of the skin, the appearance of cellulite, and an overall loss of firmness in the body. The skin is the first organ to show the signs of aging and they are even more prominently seen on the face. While it is a matter of concern for maintaining a beautiful appearance, you do not necessarily need to lose sleep over it as skin tightening oils are there to treat these conditions safely and naturally at home. All you need to do is massage your skin with your choice of oil regularly and you will get a firm and well-toned skin over time.

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4 Most Effective Skin Tightening Oils To Try

Now, let us take a look at the most effective natural oils that can help you restore the elasticity and firmness of your skin naturally.

Castor Oil 


Castor oil has concentrated fatty acids that contribute to its strong emollient properties. It penetrates into the deepest layer of the skin and moisturizes intensively to make the skin smoother and firmer. It also promotes collagen synthesis and improves the elasticity of the skin, thereby making it taut and rejuvenated.

Application: Warm up a cup of castor oil and add a few drops of lavender oil and some fresh lemon juice to it. Massage your skin gently with this oil blend. If possible, allow your body to soak in the oil for an hour before washing it off in the bath.

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Olive Oil


Olive oil is a miracle oil that does everything from nourishing the skin to making it firm and healthy with its powerful antioxidants including vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. It seals the moisture in the cells and strengthens the muscle tissue in order to tighten up the skin. It also prevents the skin from premature aging caused by photodamage.

Application: Massage your skin directly with some organic olive oil right before having a bath. Otherwise, replace your regular body lotion with a blend of olive oil and your favorite essential oil and use it all over your body after taking a shower.

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Mustard Oil


Mustard oil has long been used to get firmer breasts but it also impressive skin tightening properties. Being loaded with fatty acids, it hydrates the skin deeply and locks moisture in it. It also helps fade away signs of aging and improve elasticity by stimulating blood circulation throughout the skin.

Application: Warm up some mustard oil over a low flame and massage your skin with it for about 10 minutes before taking a bath.

Grapeseed Oil


Grapeseed oil is a well-known carrier oil, which makes loose skin remarkably tight over time. It is rich in vitamin E and healthy fats, which hydrate the skin profusely and boost the production of collagen in it.

Application: Since it is a pricey and rarely available oil, you can skip the full body massage and focus only on the affected areas of the skin. Massage in a circular motion (both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions) and allow your skin to soak it for an hour before bathing.

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How To Use Skin Tightening Oils Effectively? 

  1. Take a cup of oil during your bath and massage it all over your body with firm upward strokes followed by circular motions. If needed, you could also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils (Neroli, Geranium, Patchouli, Lavender, and Rose essential oils) that help in improving the elasticity of the skin.
  2. Try to put as much pressure as your skin can take while rubbing the oil into it. Massage for at least 10 to 15 minutes and allow your body to absorb all the oil.
  3. Follow this up with a nice body polish or scrub. The granules in the scrub will help slough off the dead cells from the surface of your skin. They will also help redistribute the fat cells in your skin and fight cellulite effectively. This improves the circulation of blood throughout the skin and increases collagen production.

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