Best Skin Tightening Oils for your Body

Does your body look as lithe as it used to be in your teens or is your skin as supple? As we age, our body undergoes changes that include a change in body shape, reduction in the elasticity of the skin, appearance of cellulite and an overall loss of firmness in the body. While it is a cause of concern, you do not necessarily need to lose sleep over it. As always, there are tried and tested remedies to treat these conditions safely and naturally at home. There are many skin tightening oils that can be used to massage your skin in order to get a firm and well toned body.

Best Skin Tightening Oils for the body

Castor Oil 


Take a cup of warm castor oil and add to it a few drops of lavender oil and some lemon juice. Massage this oil all over the body. If possible, allow your body to soak in the oil for an hour before you wash it off in the bath.

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Olive Oil


Olive oil is a miracle oil that does everything from nourishing the skin with its anti-oxidants and vitamin E to help you achieve firm and healthy skin. There are two ways in which you can use it. One, massage your body well with some olive oil before bath. Else, since it is the winter, you can infact go ahead and replace your regular body lotion with some olive oil mixed with your favorite essential oil. Use it all over your body after your bath to seal in moisture and to keep smelling great and keep your skin taut.

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Mustard Oil


Mustard oil has for long been used to get firmer breasts. You can use the oil all over the body to tighten the skin. Heat the mustard oil on low flame till it becomes lukewarm. Now massage your body with this oil for about ten minutes. Follow it up with your bath.

Grape seed Oil


Grapeseed oil is a well known carrier oil for essential oils. It is also rich in Vitamin E and healthy fats. Since it is a pricey oil, you can skip the all over body massage while using Grapeseed oil and only focus on areas with sagging skin. Massage in circular motions in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Allow it to soak into the skin for an hour before bath.

How to massage the Skin Tightening oil? 

Take a cup of the skin tightening oil during your bath and massage it all over your body with firm upward strokes followed by circular motions. Try and put as much pressure as your body can take while rubbing in the oil into the skin. Allow the body to absorb all the oil in. If needed, you could add a few drops of essential oils that help in skin tightening to your base massage oil. Neroli, Geranium, Patchouli, Lavender and Rose essential oils help in improving the elasticity of the skin and firming it.

Follow this up with a nice body polish or scrub. The granules in the scrub will help slough off the dead skin and also help redistribute the fat cells and fight cellulite. They improve the circulation of blood where ever you scrub and that helps in increased collagen production. Include this in your weekly body care regime aside from getting onto the treadmill and eating well and you can get back your sculpted body in no time!

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