Beware Of These Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods

Health is indeed wealth- A wealth that cannot be made one fine day! To earn this wealth you need to work towards it right from the beginning. The worth of this wealth will only be realized when we see someone caught in the web of some fatal disease- something like Cancer!

Cancer is one disease that is increasing day by day. Even young men and women are diagnosed with cancer. What could be reason behind this change in the trend? Is it because of the lifestyle, smoking, and the decrease in immunity? You will be surprised to know that Cancer can be triggered by certain foods too, yes! It is very important to know that what we eat is what we are. Healthier food you have that much longer you will live.

Can food cause cancer?

It is very important to understand that food does have the power to cause cancer! As per a research, there were nearly 569,500 deaths by cancer in 2010 and one third of this figure has been caused by obesity, physical inactivity, poor nutrition etc. So that definitely means food has something to do with it. Everybody knows what’s good for the health, yes the greens vegetables, the fruits etc. But let’s get to know which food should be absolutely said NO to so that you can avoid the chances of getting cancer.

Food that can cause cancer:

  1. Aerated drinks or soda: The reason because it is high in calories, lots of sugar and full of artificial ingredients. In fact one soda apparently has ten packets of sugar. As per a study, people who consumed even two soft drinks a week is prone to double the risk of getting pancreatic cancer. The soda in dark colours are proved to have 4-methylimidazole (4-MI), which happens to be a by-product of chemical processing which are used to make the artificial dye which is responsible to impart the colour to these sodas. Researchers have proved the link of 4-MI with cancer.Also Read – 10 Reasons to Avoid Drinking Soft Drinks Here


  2. Red meat: Consuming a lot of red meat can increase your chances of getting cancer. Studies have proved that having red meat for 10 years on a daily basis can increase men’s risk of getting cancer by 22 percent and women’s by 20 meat
  3. Refined white flour: The excessive carbohydrate content is the main cause behind refined flour being cancer causing agent. High-glycemic foods generally was said to cause 220 percent increase in breast cancer in women. They are also said to cause sudden raise in sugar levels in the body.
  4. Processed meat: Everyone loves sausages, hot dogs etc. But let me warn you by consuming these you are sending an open invitation to cancer! With the processed meat you are having sodium nitrite, added for flavouring, as preservative etc. These nitrites could get converted into cancer-causing nitrosamines in the body. People who consume more processed meat have 50 percent more chance to get colorectal cancer than the ones who do not eat processed meat.
  5. Potato chips and French fries: Potato chips and French fries are one thing that everyone keeps munching on. But this one has high acrylamide which is also a carcinogenic substance which is formed when the food is treated to high temperatures, which is generally while frying or baking.French Fries
  6. Microwave popcorn: The packet of the popcorn has perfluoroctanoic acid (PFOA) which happens to be a class of compounds which are linked to pancreatic, liver as well as testicular cancers.Microwave popcorn
  7. GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms: GMO’s are said to cause cancer because of the chemicals that are used to grow them. GMO’s are present in the food derivatives like soybeans, corn and canola.
  8. Farmed salmon: Farmed salmon is supposed to be contaminated with cancer causing substances like PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), pesticides etc.Farmed salmon
  9. Canned tomatoes: Most canned foods have a lining of bisphenol-A (BPA) which happens to be chemical which is concerned with infertility, intestinal damage, heart disease etc which will indirectly lead to cancer.
  10. Hydrogenated oils: This one is mainly used to preserve processed foods and also in order to keep them stable. However hydrogenated oils change the structure of cell membranes in the body which leads to cancer.

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