7 Mistakes To Avoid While Using Sheet Masks

Call them “lazy girl’s facial” or “busy woman’s need”, sheet masks are here to stay and we definitely can’t ignore it. Even though they give us zombie faces during application, these affordable, easy to use, and highly effective masks give instant results, which is enough for us to go ga-ga over them. But while following the trend of ‘masking’, you might end up making a few serious mistakes which can prevent you from getting the most of your ‘sheets’. Ready to know how wrong you have been since last few months or years? We identify 7 of your sheet mask mistakes here that you must avoid the next application:

  1. Ignoring The Ingredients

When it comes to using sheet masks, the list of ingredients is considered as the ’key’. It is of utmost importance that you pay close attention to the active ingredients used in the masks in order to find out the right variant for yourself and figure out the way it could actually benefit your skin. Most of them are thin cotton sheets infused with a liquid-based formula containing hyaluronic acid, aloe, fruit extracts, etc. that can feed your skin the right amount of hydration. However, masks lacking moisturizing agents or featuring damaging substances like synthetic dye, mineral oils, paraben, etc. should be avoided.

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  1. Not Getting Prepared

A sheet mask works best on a clean and clear face. Hence, if you are not getting your facial skin prepared right before putting it on, you are doing it wrong. Cleanse your face thoroughly with a mild cleanser, exfoliate gently, and wash with fresh cold water. It will remove oil, dirt, dead cells, and all other grime from your skin and leave it squeaky clean so that the sheet mask can work absolutely fine and provide your skin its nourishing goodness. You may also tone up your face before applying the mask if you wish.

  1. Applying It Incorrectly

Yes, it is a simple thin sheet, but being a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product, the application can be tricky. So, make sure that you follow the right way of application to cover your entire face perfectly. We tell you how. Once you unfold the sheet mask, start at one end e.g., the top edge and place it on your forehead. Align the eye holes with your eyes carefully so that no air pockets are formed. Also, line up the holes intended for the nose and the mouth. Now, pat the sheet lightly onto both of your cheeks and move downwards until you reach your chin. It will make sure that the mask sits on your whole face nicely. You might lie down on a flat surface while applying the sheet mask in order to make the procedure easier.

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Using Sheet Masks

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  1. Removing Too Early / Late

Sheet masks are designed to give us fast results, but if you think that removing it too early or too late can make you reap the maximum benefits, you are absolutely wrong. According to experts, the best duration of time for which a sheet mask can be applied is 20 minutes. If you leave it on your face for this recommended period of time, the active ingredients of the sheet will penetrate the skin completely instead of evaporating. Keeping it longer will suck moisture out of your skin while removing it earlier will deprive your skin of getting the optimal hydration.

  1. Wiping Off The Leftover

Most of us wipe the leftover off our face after removing the sheet mask, but it actually leads to the wastage of the product. You can either seal the treatment in your facial skin by patting the extra serum gently or apply it to your neck, hands, and other body parts. It will hydrate your skin just like the same way.

  1. Using It Occasionally

Sheet masks are certainly super hydrating for our skin, but using it sporadically will be of no benefits. Even if you invest in one of the finest sheet masks, the hydration provided by it will last not more than a single day. Therefore, you need to use it every now and then for the best results. If applying it daily seems too pricey to you, we recommend you to opt for at least once-a-week application.

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Using Sheet Masks

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  1. Using It On Acne

Are you using sheet masks on your acne-prone skin? Stop it immediately as it will worsen the condition even more. Application of these masks causes a temperature spike in our skin, which might increase the number of bacteria present on its surface, thereby leading to severe breakouts. So beware!

A sheet mask is a fast and mess-free way to provide our skin the much-needed hydration. If you are not that fond of traditional masks, go for this ‘slim, fragrant beauty’ anytime. Just keep the above points in mind to avoid the mistakes and get the maximum results. That’s all!

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