10 Anti Ageing Drinks for Women

Women and beauty are an inseparable duo. Women spend almost fortunes for their whole life time in an attempt to keep them looking smart and beautiful as never before. However, with every additional year added to their lifetime, their age starts showing off along with their desperate urge for looking young. So is there a magic wand that will keep their beauty and young age intact for their whole life time?

Anti Ageing Drinks

Women may not find a magic wand that easily however they may switch to certain wonder drinks that are commonly available right in their kitchen and delay the process of ageing to a considerable extent.

1. Pink grape juice –These pink grapes get their reddish pink texture through lycopene. One can understand lycopene to be a carotenoid that is very essential in retaining a soft, smooth and glowing aura of one’s face. Thus drinking grape juice often retains that bubbly soft youthful skin.

2. Alcohol may hold the key- A glass of alcohol each day may retain our brain cells intact. Ageing causes our brain cells to deteriorate, such phenomena slows down the interaction between the brain and our body. However facts state a glass of alcohol prevents or delays such phenomena. One is advised to keep the alcohol consumption as per the stated limits as over consumption damages our brain resulting in complete loss of memory.

3. Soy Milk– Soy milk is made of a special component called flavones that hold the power to retain the collagen levels which is further needed for firming and preserving the skin’s youthful texture. And further studies state that is flavones also prevent the breakdown of collagen, thus avoiding the process of skin wrinkling. Drink soy milk and benefit from a long lasting youth.

4. A cup of coffee is so resourceful- Studies and facts state that consumption of caffeine in form of coffee helps women protect them from skin cancer. Thus women have one more reason to fancy that one cup of coffee.

5. Water – There is a general awareness that one should drink 7-8 glasses of water each day. It keeps your skin hydrated. Thus offer your skin a constant source of elasticity, protection from dryness, suppleness and make it look much younger than it is just by sipping a glass full of water.

6. A cup of green tea – The chemical compounds present in green tea called polyphenols essentially delay the process of ageing.

7. Cocoa- Beverage that is made with perfect proportion of cocoa improves blood flow and circulation due to the presence of flavanols. When blood circulation is perfect, the skin gets a new lease of life. Therefore you must consume cocoa regularly in order to maintain the youthful blood vessels that decrease the risk of high blood pressure and kidney disease.

8. Beet Juice- Having beet juice regularly may not look like a lucrative options for you. However beets are full of nitrates that give you the potential to combat with the age. Therefore you must put some radishes and cabbages in your diet chart in order to live a youthful life.

9. Carrot Juice– You must drink carrot juice regularly in order to avoid the loss of memory. Carrots are full of luteolin and flavonoid that decrease the inflammation that can cause Dementia.

10. Orange Juice- Orange juice cleanses your body from harmful toxins. Orange juice will replenish your body with vitamin C essential to keep your body and skin beautiful. You must drink Orange Juice regularly in order to protect your eyes and to live a happy young life.

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