10 Natural Ways to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are a yellow or black plug on the skin, most commonly at the tip of the nose that can pull down the overall appearance of any face. The best way to manage blackheads is to use natural ways to remove them.


What is a blackhead really?

Dermatologists can tell you that a blackhead is a type of acne vulgaris but simply put these are pimples with no skin over them allowing the air to oxidize their openings and making them appear black in colour.

Blackheads have nothing to do with skin hygiene, and even those ladies who follow a strict beauty regime can face this issue because these are caused by excess oils that accumulate in the duct of a sebaceous gland. The appearance of blackheads may vary according to the person’s age, skin care regimen, hormone status and heredity.

Remedies for blackheads

It is such a common beauty problem that there are number of remedies suggested for managing blackheads ranging from simple home remedies to prescriptions and over-the counter methods. However, the efficacy of each method can vary hugely because of different skin types, climatic conditions etc.

An ideal way to manage this problem would be to try all no side-effects methods and then personally judge their suitability for your skin and lifestyle. A regular skincare regimen and continuous maintenance can be crucial for keeping the problem at bay for long durations.

10 natural ways to remove blackheads

Natural ways of removing blackheads are so popular because they are inexpensive and have no side-effects like many prescription treatments. Also, they offer the ease of being completed as per your own convenience. The 10 most popular natural methods to remove blackheads are:

1)      Baking soda- Baking soda is even used by some professional dermatologists for micro-dermabrasion which is a method of exfoliating. At home, baking soda mixed with water can be used to create a gentle scrubbing paste to remove blackheads.

2)      Apple cider vinegar– Using apple cider vinegar instead of plain water in face packs and face masks can clear out the blocked pores due to its astringent and anti-bacterial properties.

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3)      Egg white-   Take the white part of a fresh egg with one teaspoon of honey and spread the mixture evenly over the face, specifically on areas with dense blackheads. Let this pack dry for 20-30 minutes and wash the face afterwards with warm water.

4)      Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera is known for its soothing qualities for the skin. Break a stem and rub the mucus into areas having blackheads. Aloe Vera accelerates healing of the uppermost layer skin and can make blackheads disappear or reduce significantly.

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5)      Salt- Table salt can be used to remove blackheads effectively. Washing your face once a day with warm salted water can reduce excess oils that cause blackheads and its abrasive qualities may remove prominent blackheads too.

6)      Ice cubes-   Rubbing ice cubes on the blackhead affected areas of the face for about 10 minutes can shrink the skin pores and check blackhead growth and expansion.

7)      Lime– Mix the juice of a lime with some almond oil and glycerine, and apply to the affected areas having facial blackheads for a few minutes. This remedy is effective for the removal and reduction of blackheads as well as reduction of acne scars.

8)      Honey– Honey is one of the most tried and tested methods to manage blackheads. Apply a little warm honey on the face covering the blackheads. Wash your face normally after 10 minutes. Honey acts as a natural moisturizer and removes blackheads from the face.

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9)      Steam-   Steaming is often used in beauty treatments. Put a hot towel over your face for 10 minutes. This will soften the black heads and make them surface. Wash with a mild face scrub or face wash.

10)    Clay mask-A clay mask can reduce the oil in the skin and pull out blackheads as well as prevent future growth of blackheads on the face.

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