10 Health Benefits of Blackberries

Blackberries, the tiny, juicy, tasty fruits, measuring only 3-4 cm. are true wonders of nature. Laden with myriads of health benefits, blackberries are one of the most commonly prescribed fruits by doctors. Until now, we barely knew about the health benefits of this fruit but thanks to medical research, we are now well-informed. Once you go through these 10 wonderful health benefits, you can’t ignore this fruit any longer.

Fights deadly diseases

1. Cancer: Regular consumption of blackberries can prevent a few types of cancer cells. The fruit is known to have ellagic acid which is effective against cancer prevention.

2. Diabetes: Though it is one of the most common diseases in world, it can be lethal. Blackberries with their high potassium content prevent spikes in insulin level. They work even better when consumed with a teaspoon of honey. Even the blackberry leaves can be chewed for diabetes control. (In our previous post, we covered “Finding the Right Shoes for Diabetes”, read more)

Indian Blackberry

3. Heart diseases: The free radicals produced in our body are responsible for numerous health problems including deadly heart diseases. The antioxidant properties of blackberries rid your body of these free radicals and thereby reduce heart problems.

Fights Skin problems

4. Acne: The antioxidants present in blackberries clear out acne, giving a cleaner and smoother facial skin.

5. UV Protection: We know what the harmful UV rays of sun are capable of. The ellagic acid in blackberries prevent skin cancer caused by UV rays.

6. Aging: Blackberries are rich source of vitamin C, which is a strong antioxidant capable of killing free radical produced in our body through the process of oxidation. These free radicals are known for causing premature aging and blackberries can slow down the aging process.

7. Eczema: Strong tea made of blackberry leaves can be applied externally on eczema to speed up the curing process.

Other benefits

8. Magnesium, copper, manganese and potassium present in blackberries help to produce new and healthy red blood cells (RBC) and white blood cells (WBC).

9. The pulp of blackberry is known for healing hemorrhoids.

10. Boiling blackberries and drinking the strained liquid helps in treating dysentery and diarrhea.

Bonus Benefits Especially for Women

  • Blackberries are rich in calcium and help to strengthen bones and fight osteoporosis.
  • Blackberries help to regulate menstrual cycles.

So, have you added blackberries in your monthly budget list? Let us know if you found this article helpful and yes, sharing is caring!

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