Know How Using Homemade Hand And Feet Whitening Cream Can Give You Soft And Bright Limbs

Many of us do not take as much care of our hands and feet as we do of our face. The skin on our limbs is often neglected even though it remains uncovered for most of the time and tends to undergo major tanning. Not only the exposure to the UV rays and environmental pollution result in the discoloration of our hand and feet but involvement in household chores also take a toll, leaving them a few shades darker than our face. Using a whitening cream exclusively made for arms and legs can help us get back the actual tone of our skin and maintain it efficiently. It is even better to opt for a homemade hand and feet whitening cream. Here is everything you need to know about natural whitening creams and their effects on your limbs.

What Are Whitening Creams?

Whitening creams can also be stated as skin lightening creams that are available in various forms, i.e. bleaches, lotions, creams etc. The prime work of whitening creams is to lower the production of melanin in your skin and treat pigmentation effectively, thus making it appear softer, brighter, and fairer. Sometimes whitening creams are also used as anti-aging products that keep issues, such as spots, patches, wrinkles, and discoloration away.

Studies and surveys have revealed that whitening creams if used regularly, can be quite effective in reducing the discoloration of skin on our hands and feet. It changes the darker skin tone to a lighter shade over time and makes your skin appear whiter and fairer.

These days, whitening creams have become a widely used beauty product, which is easily available over the counter, in drug stores, and online. These can also be prepared at home by using easy to avail herbal ingredients, which are more budget-friendly in comparison to other cosmetic products.

Homemade Hand and Feet Whitening Cream

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Why Use A Homemade Whitening Cream?

Though various types of whitening creams are easily available in the market, it’s equally true that these cosmetic items are chemically treated which can result in side effects. Hence, there can be nothing better than a homemade solution. Here is why you should prefer a homemade whitening cream over a store-bought one:

  • Most synthetic whitening creams contain tons of harsh and damaging chemical compounds (only a few comprise safe ingredients, such as retinol, arbutin, etc.), But homemade whitening creams are made of natural herbal ingredients that are gentle on our skin and completely safe too.
  • Rubbing a store-bought whitening cream on the skin regularly is a highly harmful practice. It can cause a number of minor to severe side effects over time, which include thinning of the skin, visible capillaries, permanent stretch marks, easy bruising, stubborn acne, etc. Conversely, homemade creams can improve the texture of your skin over time and make it softer, smoother, and suppler.
  • if you check the labels of commercial whitening creams carefully, you will see that most of them contain prescription-strength steroids, hydroquinone, mercury, etc. They may use even more poisonous substances without disclosing about them on labels. This can cause hypertension, high blood sugar, nervous system damage, disruption of natural steroids, and many other fatal conditions. But homemade whitening creams are rich in skin-friendly ingredients that take overall care of the skin to make it healthy from inside and brighter from outside.
  • Commercial whitening creams are pretty expensive and some are even not easily available. On the other hand, the ingredients used in homemade versions are easily available and way too cheaper than them.

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Homemade Hand And Feet Whitening Cream Recipe

Made from the best of natural products and its extracts, a home-based hand and feet whitening cream is sure to be more effective and beneficial for your the treatment of your skin. Below, we have provided you with the process of making a hand and feet whitening cream at home:

  1. Take some gram flour in a bowl and add a few pinches of turmeric powder to it. You can even mash an 1″ portion of the whole turmeric in a mixer to extract its juice and use it instead of the readymade powder.
  2. Squeeze in the juice of a fresh lemon in it and mix well. If your skin is allergic to bleaching agents, skip using the lemon juice as it can result in irritation and itchiness.
  3. Now, pour some natural milk cream (extracted by boiling the milk or yogurt thoroughly) into the bowl and mix all together nicely until it turns, thick, smooth, and creamy.
  4. Apply this homemade whitening cream to your hands and feet to get maximum benefits at the earliest. You can even store it in your refrigerator up to 7 days for regular usage.

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Other Home Remedies For Hand And Feet Whitening

There are some more time-tested natural remedies to lighten and whiten our arms and legs that you can try at home. If you are ready to experiment, here are the choices:

  • Combine licorice (mulethi) powder with cold raw milk to form a thick paste, apply it uniformly all over the skin of your limbs, and scrub it off gently with a damp cotton ball upon drying.
  • Boil a few fresh turmeric sticks in some water. Mix fresh aloe vera gel and organic coconut oil with it. Apply thoroughly, leave it on for an hour, and wash off with tepid water.
  • Whip up some frozen curd with a little organic honey and apply the smooth mixture to your hands and feet. Rinse off with cold water after half an hour.
  • Soak some red lentils overnight and grind them into a fine paste the next morning. Blend fresh tomato juice and organic coconut oil with it and use the mixture for scrubbing your limbs gently.
  • Add fresh lime juice and rose water to sandalwood powder and make a thick, smooth paste. Apply it all over your arms and legs, wait for 20 minutes and then, wash off with cold water.

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