All You Should Know About The Beauty Benefits Of Manuka Honey

You know about honey and its beauty benefits quite well. But what you know is not enough as there is something even better than regular honey you have been purchasing from the market. Well, we are talking about ‘Manuka Honey’ – one of the richest beauty ingredients of nature discovered till date. Though it is a variation of honey itself, it is far better than the one you are familiar with. Let’s dive deeper:

Manuka Honey Face Pack For Skin

About Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is considered as one of the most exclusive as well as beneficial forms of honey available around the globe. It is named after the Manuka shrub, which is native to a remote island of North New Zealand and certain parts of Australia. The concentrated honey is produced from the nectar of Manuka flowers when bees pollinate them.

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Being considerably high in minerals (manganese, iron, copper, zinc, potassium, sodium, selenium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, fluoride, etc.) and other nutrients, Manuka honey has long been used as a powerful super food for our body, skin, and hair. It also has excellent natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, which make it an effective medicinal remedy to a whole lot of internal and external diseases like sore throat, food poisoning, digestive issues, leaky gut syndrome, stomach ulcer, infections, gingivitis, and so on.

Why Is Manuka Honey Different?

According to UMFHA (Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association), manuka honey comes packed with unique compounds that make it of the highest quality and set it as the standard for comparison. It is basically the ‘raw’ form of honey which is not ‘processed’ by any means. In other words, Manuka honey is not pasteurized like regular honey and hence, does not get that thick syrupy texture with bright golden color. However, as it is not exposed to high heat for pasteurization, it retains almost all of its natural nutrients as well as beneficial qualities. Studies have found that manuka honey contains vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, and antibacterial methylglyoxal (MG) several times higher than other commercially available varieties of honey.

Beauty Benefits Of Manuka Honey

Apart from meeting our health and medicinal needs, manuka honey fulfills our beauty needs too. From nourishing skin deeply to making it look flawless, the ingredient can do a lot of good to us. Here is a list of beauty benefits offered by manuka honey:

Manuka Honey Face Pack For Skin

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  1. Keeps Skin clear

Manuka honey plays a key role in balancing the pH of skin, thereby controlling the over secretion of oil and sebum. As a result, the skin remains free from breakouts and blemishes. It cleanses the clogged skin pores perfectly, thereby preventing the formation of acne. It also contains amino acids, which helps in eliminating dead cells from the surface layer of the skin.

  1. Heals Acne Fast

As said before, manuka honey is high in live enzymes, which makes it a powerful antimicrobial as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. It draws bacteria out of clogged skin pores by oxygenating them, which accelerates the process of healing. Conversely, the anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredient reduce redness and inflammation to a great extent.

  1. Moisturizes Skin Well

Manuka honey itself is super hydrating for our skin. Being a natural humectant, it not only helps the skin retain its own moisture but also draws moisture into the skin from the air to ensure a soft, smooth, supple, and dewy appearance.

  1. Revitalizes Skin

Manuka honey repairs skin damages at cellular levels so that we get a fresh, revitalized, and youthful look. It promotes the regeneration of tissue in our skin, which eventually diminishes all sorts of scars, marks, spots, and blemishes. Result? A beautiful, glowing skin with zero flaws!

Manuka Honey Face Pack For Skin

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  1. Prevents Premature Aging

Manuka honey is loaded with natural antioxidants (flavonoids, tocopherols, ascorbic acid, phenolic compounds, and so on), which protect our skin cells from oxidative damages. They also shield our skin from the effects of harmful UV rays of the sun. The hydrating qualities of manuka honey also help in inducing enough moisture into our skin in order minimizing the appearance of signs of aging. Moreover, the ingredient stimulates the reproduction of collagen in our skin, which is essential for a healthy and young-looking skin.

How To Use Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey can be used directly on our skin as a natural mask. A weekly manuka honey face mask is considered amazing for all types of skin including extremely dry, extremely oily, acne-prone, and sensitive. It can also be used along with a few drops of warm water for cleansing the skin. A manuka honey treatment is known to be an excellent treatment for dark spots and blemishes. To make the most of the manuka honey, you can also mix it up with other skin-friendly ingredients like Greek yogurt, rose water, matcha, etc. and use as a mask.

However, you need to purchase genuine manuka honey for maximum effects. So, always opt for a product with grade more than 10 UMF (Unique Manuka Factor – a quality trademark used to identify authentic manuka honey).

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