7 Steps To Conceal Vitiligo And Get A Flawless-Looking Skin With Makeup

Vitiligo is a skin disease where you start developing white patches on your skin as a result of the destruction of melanin in these patches. It is caused due to the autoimmune disorder in the body and needs extensive treatment periods to fade away. While you continue to battle vitiligo, it is essential to not lose your self confidence if you have visible patches on the face or hands. And why worry at all when there are ways to conceal vitiligo with makeup. Yes, using small tricks and some good makeup products, you can conceal the patches on the skin such that nobody can even make out you have vitiligo. Let’s see how to conceal vitiligo with makeup.

How To Conceal Vitiligo With Makeup 

1. Choose The Right Foundation 

The key to concealing Vitiligo with makeup is finding the right kind of foundation. There are many opaque foundations from brands like Microskin, ColorTradition and Dermablend which are specifically made for skin that is afflicted with Vitiligo. The ingredients that are used in such foundations are hypoallergenic and do not aggravate the skin condition. If you do not find the specialized foundations, you could even go in for a regular full coverage foundation that is water based or cream based, depending on your skin type. Vichy has some amazing high coverage foundations to go with a variety of skin tones and have worked for many women with vitiligo. Find a foundation that is closest to your skin tone or a shade darker.

Choose the right foundation

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2. Prep The Skin

Cleanse the skin well and moisturize it. Use a moisturizer with at least SPF 20. Now, use a primer to all over the skin to allow for easy blending and absorption of the foundation.

3. Concealer And Foundation

Dot a bit of concealer which is a shade darker than your skin on the white patches in the skin and blend it well in circular motions with your fingers. Top it with the foundation you picked and apply it first on the white patch and blend until you get an even skin tone. Once done, dot the foundation on the remaining part of the face and blend well to get a uniform skin tone. Let the makeup dry for about five minutes. Check the shading on the skin and apply another coat if need be.

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4. Powder Up 

Dust some loose translucent powder on the skin to seal the makeup. It helps reduce the shine by absorbing the oil and also helps in evening out the skin tone. Press the powder well with a puff and then brush off the excess.

5. Bronzer

Use a bronzer in a darker shade on the tip of your nose, forehead and the cheekbones to create an illusion of a darker skin tone.

Conceal Vitiligo with Makeup

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6. Eyes And Lips 

Highlight your eyes with a kohl pencil and your lips with a striking lip color. This will draw the attention away from your skin and take it onto the eyes and lips.

7. Finish With A Fixing Spray 

Since you have used so many layers of makeup, spritz on a fixer spray over the makeup to set it and prevent it from smudging.

That’s about it! You are all set to go and no one can even tell that you have white patches underneath. Just make sure to use waterproof makeup if you tend to sweat and also to remove the makeup at the end of the day.

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