Raisins- The Power Food to Keep Acne at Bay

Acne is probably one condition that almost everyone gets affected with at some point or the other in life. Although acne does not cause health threat, the condition does bring out several emotional issues and anxiety in us.

Raisins for Acne

We have heard and read so many homemade remedies for acne, but consuming certain food or following a diet comprising of certain food can actually help us in eliminating acne.

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For acne treatment, food is a very important contribution. Apart from vitamins and proteins, the most important contribution to curb acne is antioxidants. Antioxidants are very essential to get clear skin.

What is an antioxidant?

The metabolism that happens in the body results in a natural by-product called oxidation. This can cause acne formation. Pollution, illness and stress can aggravate oxidation. Now you have just one defence against oxidation and that is your own body. You can stop it by consumption of antioxidants. Antioxidants are got from consuming certain beans, whole grains as well as vegetables. Then of course you get the supplements. But the most interesting fact revealed is that raisins contain antioxidants and consumption of which can help banishing acne to a great deal. The theory that supports raisins contribution towards acne says that adopting a diet rich in low glycaemic load foods will actually contribute towards reducing the symptoms of acne. Under these low glycaemic foods comes fresh vegetables, dairy products and legumes.

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Role of raisins on acne:

Raisins in particular are full of fiber and vitamin C. The fiber will aid in keeping the digestive system active and the vitamin C in them will give the dose of useful nutrients to the skin.
The main reason for acne in many people is the accumulation of toxins in the body. The toxins in the body make it a favorable condition for acne eruption. Therefore if you take care of your proper digestion then the toxins will be eliminated from your body naturally and will prevent the pimple formation. Raisin as everyone knows aids in digestion. Eat more raisins to clear your digestive issues.


What are the other ways to prevent acne?

  • Wash your face many times throughout the day with mild soap. This will prevent the clogging of the pores as well as the oil build-up.
  • Avoid exposing your skin to environmental pollution that leads to acne formation.
  • Do not irritate the skin by any means like scrubbing, touching frequently or rubbing the skin unnecessarily.
  • Avoid stress. Stress will lead accumulation of toxins inside your body which will lead to acne formation. Therefore try many exercises or meditation which will help in getting rid of the acne formation.
  • Check your cosmetics, if they are old. Certain cosmetic products have the capacity to irritate your skin and lead to acne breakouts.
  • Take good food and make sure your diet consists of all the healthy vitamins; minerals as well as herbs that will help you achieve a spot free skin.
  • Avoid refined food like white flour, sugar, white breads pasta etc. The high glycaemic index in these foods has proved to increase the acne breakouts in the skin.
  • Include antioxidants in your daily diet in any form. Adequate consumption of antioxidants will only help in increasing your capacity of resistance towards acne.

Note: Acne is a medical condition at the end of the day; therefore it is always safe to consult a dermatologist before taking any step. If raisins are not approved by your dermatologist, you have a choice of other fruits that can replace raisins like apple, oranges and blueberries.

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