How to enlarge breasts naturally? 10 Natural Home Remedies to try

Almost every woman desires to have an amazing body statistics. And, measurement of bust plays a crucial role in defining the overall physical appearance. This fact has made a large number of women to opt for silicon implant or other breast enlargement therapies. But, one cannot simply overrule the side effects of such artificial procedures. Then, what are the safest ways to get perkier bosom?

Lightweight bench press for saggy breast

BeautyGlimpse brings in some of the most proven natural remedies that will help you in getting larger breasts without being victim of any side effect.

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How to Get Firmer Breasts – Try These Home Remedies Here

1. Massage it out – This is the most effective process to get a naturally enlarged bust. It is observed that if you massage your breasts at least 20-30 minutes a day, your breast size would get around a cup size larger in a span of a month. There are several benefits of breast massage. First of all it increases blood circulation in the area which simultaneously increases the movement of phytoestrogens, the hormone that is dependent on development of breasts. Massage also boosts up production of prolactin which is another important hormone liable for enlargement of bust.

Prevent Breast Cancer

2. Swing your arms to get heavier bosom– This exercise is very effective in natural enhancement of breast. Swing your arms in clock wise direction to the count of eight and similarly in anti-clock wise direction. It’ll give you a fuller upper body.

3. Add sesame seeds in your diet – sesame seed is one of the wonder foods we have. It not only enlarges your breasts but also makes them firm. You can also go for sesame oil breast massage.

4. Stretching of chest muscle – There are a number of exercises which help in firming of breast muscles. Stretching of chest muscle is one of them. It can be done by performing push-ups, chest compression and chest presses.

5. Fenugreek powder consumption– Although, fenugreek tastes a little bitter but its regular consumption offers great results in breast enhancement. This spice catalyzes production of prolactin which makes your breast naturally bigger.

Methi or Fenugreek

6. Massage with Fenugreek powder – A few nature care experts suggest breast massage with the mix of fenugreek powder and water. This is also considered very effective to get required results.

7. Gorge on estrogen laden edibles – One of the easiest and most trustworthy methods to increase your bra size is to consume loads of estrogen rich food items such as carrot, cucumber, dairy products, papaya, yams. It is said that presence of estrogen in female body puts positive effect of the growth of her breast size.

8. Castor oil massage – This is one of the oldest therapies used by women to get larger breast. A regular massage with castor oil is supposed as the key to enticing youth.

Castor Oil

9. Include banana milkshake in your diet – If you exercise regularly then adding banana milkshake in your diet will surely help you in getting great breasts.

10. Yoga for breast enhancement – Yoga is again a wonderful way to enhance the breast size. Several yoga postures and act of hypnosis process are supposed to have great impact in enlargement process of breast.

Yoga Poses for Improving Eyesight

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