Vanish Your Breast Reduction Scars! These 15 Methods Will Never Ever Fail

What comes to your mind the moment you hear ‘breast reduction surgery‘? ‘Incisions’, ‘pain’, and above all ‘scars’! Yes, the visible scars left by the procedure is one of the biggest worries women have while considering a cosmetic surgery. They not only look unappealing but also make ladies self-conscious, thereby taking a toll on their self-confidence as well as self-esteem. And what if you seriously want to give the surgery a go? What are the methods to fade the scars away? Well, let us guide you through all these things. Here are 15 surefire methods to deal with your breast reduction scars successfully.

Breast Reduction Scars

Know About Breast Reduction Scars

Breast reduction is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which excess fat, tissue, and skin of breasts are eliminated in order to turn them smaller, lighter, firmer. perkier, and well-proportioned. The process involves two or three incisions based one the technique followed by the surgeon for offering the best possible results to a specific patient. Typically, the scars formed due to the breast reduction surgery include:

  1. A circular scar around the outer edge of the areola, which is not at all visible.
  2. A vertical scar running from the outer edge of the areola to the crease of the breast, which is somewhat small in size.
  3. A bigger scar extending from underneath the fold of the breast all along the inframammary fold.

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Do Breast Reduction Scars Go Away?

Needless to say, excessive scarring is the last thing women want to deal with while considering a breast reduction surgery. While such scars never become fully invisible, they can fade away to such an extent that they would barely be visible. Usually, scars that are red in color and hard to touch take almost 3 to 4 months to go softer. However, you can expect them to become less obvious and turn into very thin white lines in 12-18 months.

15 Ways To Deal With Breast Reduction Scars

It might be tough to eliminate breast reduction scars completely, but there are actually plenty of ways to deal with them successfully. We have listed down 15 surefire tricks that would help you minimize the appearance of your scars to the highest extent:

1. Surgical Tape

It is the first thing that experienced surgeons recommend for reducing breast reduction scars. You need to keep this tape on your affected area only for the first few weeks in order to promote rapid healing.

2. Brown Paper Tape

A brown paper tape of 1-inch can be very much useful in improving the scars resulted from the breast reduction surgery. Make sure that the tape is tightly placed on the scar to prevent it from being exposed. You may remove and reapply the tape if it gets loose.

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3. Steri-Strip

This is a permeable tape-shaped adhesive dressing that lets medicine go into the incisions and helps the scars heal fast. You have to keep the steri-strip on your breast reduction scars for one month or so.

4. Silicone Sheet

It has been found that breathable silicone sheets can cure scars caused by breast reduction surgery effectively by keeping them hydrated and making them softer over time. They also prevent itching, irritation, and bacteria infections. Make sure that you put these on always for a couple of months starting from 2-3 weeks after the surgery. However, you have to buy high-quality sheets from famous vendors instead of cheap quality products from local drugstores.

Silicone sheets can be of two distinct types. One can be thin plaster-like strips of multiple shapes that are washable and reusable, and the other comes with greater flexibility as you can use it several times a day just by spreading a runny substance on it before drying fast.

Silicone Sheet

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5. Silicone Gel Pad

There are certain other silicone-based products like silicone gel pad, which exerts enough pressure on the wounds and hastens their recovery. But it may take approximately 3 to 4 months to work and show the results.

6. Supportive Bra

You can also try out a good quality supportive bra in order to get rid of breast reduction scars. It limits the amount of pressure imparted on the wounds and helps them heal quickly.

7. Steroid Injection

If the scar resulted from your breast reduction surgery is old and adverse enough, opt for steroid injections. These can be extremely helpful in such unfavorable situations as the scars get filled with fresh tissue quickly.

8. Superficial Radiation Treatment

If your scar developed after breast reduction surgery is symptomatic, you might get benefited from superficial radiation treatment.

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9. Dermal Bra

You can also adopt certain ‘closure techniques’, which include the usage of the dermal bra. It remains hidden in an obscured place until the scar develops properly and then heals it bit by bit.

10. Massaging

After using paper tape or silicone sheets for a few weeks, you can start massaging the scars gently. It prevents thickening of the tissue due to collagen regeneration and keeps the incision soft as well as flat.

11. Scar Management

Proper management of your breast reduction scars is extremely necessary as it can accelerate the healing process. Be careful so that the wounds remain protected from excessive tension as well as the harmful rays of the sun.

12. Scar Revision Surgery

If the first surgery of breast reduction gives you an ugly scar and none of the above methods work for you, give the scar revision surgery a try. It might turn out helpful for you.

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13. Liposuction

As there is no ‘scar-less’ breast reduction surgery, you can switch to liposuction for reducing your breasts and have minimal scars on it. However, your breasts will sag to some extent in this process.

14. Time

It is said that ‘time is the best healer’. So, be patient and give your breast reduction scars adequate time to heal.

15. Experienced Surgeon

Prevention is always better than cure. So, take advice from a certified professional while thinking of undergoing a breast reduction surgery. Only an experienced plastic surgeon can guide you through the entire process so that you do not develop too many scars.

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