An Overview of Breast Lift with Fat Transfer

When it comes to getting a healthy, toned and young-looking upper body part, breast lift is considered as a viable way out. We can uplift our breasts successfully by choosing a breast lift surgery or opting for a breast implant. But what about adopting a breast lift with fat transfer and accomplish the entire procedure in a more efficient way? Here is an overview of the method. Take a look:

Breast Lift with Fat Transfer

What is a Breast Lift with Fat Transfer?

Breast lift with fat transfer actually refers to the procedure of taking some fat tissues from a certain part of the body and grafting it to the breasts carefully in order to give those droopy and sagging organs a significant lift. After a thorough and refined research of whopping 30 years, plastic surgeons have become able to put this exclusive technique into practice safely. As transferring body fat (from regions like external thighs, lower abdomen, edges, etc.) to the breasts is a less complicated process with no scar involved, it has been replacing the idea of regular breast lift surgery and gaining extreme popularity.

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How Does the Procedure Work?

The process of breast lift with fat transfer comprises two simple and easy steps. We have described them below:

1. First Step – In this step, the fatty tissues are separated from specific body parts of the person through liposuction. She can choose the areas to be liposucked as per her desire. Usually, the body-jet system is used for performing the liposuction. Being an extremely gentle system, it keeps the fat cells intact so that the grafting becomes absolutely perfect. Once you are done with taking the tissues out, separate the fat with the help of low-speed centrifugation and turn it into an injectible. However, you must consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon before undergoing a liposuction for breast lifting. If you are skinny, breast fat grafting may not be the right choice for you.

2. Second Step – Now, it is time to sculpt the breast tissues with the obtained fat. It should go into the cells through very small channels in order to smooth out the process of growth as well as integration in the breast tissues. The injection should be pushed into the skin covering the pectoralis major muscle so that the fat is spread throughout the breast tissues nicely. Just like breast implants, this process also results into swollen breasts that last for the first couple of weeks. However, they become soft, supple and natural over time.

Breast Lift with Fat Transfer

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Why Should You Opt for This?

As said before, breast lifting can be done by undergoing minor to major surgeries. Then why you should opt for this fat transfer method? Well, the reasons are listed below:

1. A single breast lift surgery is not enough for making the breasts fuller and revealing the cleavage ideally. Transferring body fat to these organs can make things easier and give you the desired results effortlessly.

2. Including an implant can certainly give you uplifted breasts. But, the overly large size and shape can take a toll on your organs by exerting extreme stress on the skin as well as tissues. On the contrary, fat grafting is gentle and does not affect our breasts.

3. It does not involve any surgery, which makes the process a pain-free and scar-less one. Moreover, you do not need to worry about adverse side effects by choosing breast lift with fat transfer.

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