Choosing the Best Size and Shape of Breast Implants

So you have decided to go in for breast implants. The next step would be to choose from a wide variety of options when it comes to the shape, size, texture and volume of the implants. Do you want them to be small, big or medium sized? Saline or silicone? Round or oval? The options can get overwhelming and leave you confused. We give you a step by step guide to choose the perfect size and shape of breast implants.

Choosing the Right Breast Implants 

When making a choice of breast implants, what you need to consider would be, the size of your breasts and the final size that you desire. The size you desire should also take into factor your lifestyle and whether the final result would suit your lifestyle. The extent of physical activity that you indulge in also would determine the size and shape of your implants.

Size of the Breast Implants 

Choosing the Best Size and Shape of Breast Implants

While we use the terms small, medium and large in layman’s terms, the breast size is actually measured in cc or cubic centimeter which measures the volume of the implant. Greater the volume, larger the size of the implants. A regular sized implant can hold about 400 cc of filler. 200 cc of filler would mean an increase in the breast size by one cup.

An ideal way to determine what size you are comfortable with is to fill small packets of rice in your bra to see what your breasts would look like when their volume is increased. Once you have a fair idea of what is the look you want to achieve, you could try on different implant sizes during your consultation with the plastic surgeon.

Profile of the Breast Implants

While the size determines how big the implants are, the profile determines how much your breasts will project. A low profile implant will be wide and increase overall volume and not project out much. A medium profile implant of the same volume as the low profile one will be of a smaller diameter and project out further. High profile implants project out the maximum and suit women with slimmer chests.

Shape of the Breast Implants 

Breast implants come in 2 shapes – round and teardrop shape.

Shape of the Breast Implants

Round implants have a larger diameter and are useful when you want more volume on top for the breasts and want them to stick out more. Teardrop shaped implants have a contoured shape like natural breasts, hence these implants appear more natural. They are more about projection than the volume. When choosing the shape of implants, check if you are looking for more fullness which a round implant can give or just a minor enhancement over your existing breasts which can be achieved with a teardrop implant. One disadvantage of teardrop implants is that if they rotate within your breasts, they look abnormal which is not the case with round implants.

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Texture of the Breast Implants 

Implants also have different textures on their surface. There are smooth and textured implants. While smooth implants certainly look and feel better, they have a disadvantage of being slippery and flipping over. The textured implants provide more friction and prevent that.

Now that you know about the wide variety of choices that you have when it comes to breast implants, go in for the optimal size and shape of breast implants that suits your need the best after discussing it with your plastic surgeon.

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