Best Home Remedies for Indigestion

Did you eat too much over the weekend dinner that getting sleep has become almost impossible? Is this the hundredth time you are telling yourself that you will never overeat again? You might as well cancel that statement cause we all tend to overeat. The sight of tasty and yummy food makes us forget all our resolves and before you know it, you are once again catching your stomach because of all the irritation from indigestion. No, you don’t have to pop a pill for it. There are many home remedies that will correct your problem and provide quick relief. We tell you some of the best home remedies for indigestion here.

Home Remedies for Indigestion

On normal days, you do not put much thought into what happens inside your body and how your metabolism works. So you continue to overfeed your body and eat junk food. It is only when your digestive system starts giving you trouble do you start thinking about all the food that you ate. The golden rule when it comes to keeping your metabolism in top shape is to always stop eating when you are 3/4th full and to also include fiber in every single meal. If you have eaten too much and are suffering, what you need are some super foods given below that will make your stomach to produce digestive juices and speed up digestion.



Ginger is the number 1 remedy for indigestion. If you have eaten too much or are experiencing discomfort from indigestion, then make yourself a cup of ginger tea – shred an inch of ginger root and boil it with some water. Filter this concoction and sweeten it with some honey. Add a dash of lemon juice to it.  Drink up to release digestive juices and ease your digestion process.

Carom Seeds

Carom seeds or ajwain helps in stimulating the release of digestive juices. Chew on some carom seeds after a heavy meal or boil carom seeds in water to make ajwain water. Drinking carom seeds water provides instant relief to indigestion issues.

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Fennel Seeds

anise seeds

Chew on a spoonful of fennel seeds or brew a tea with a tsp of fennel seeds with water. The seeds are given as a natural laxative agents and also help in controlling heartburn, gas and flatulence.

Eat an orange

Oranges have a fresh burst of citrus fragrance to them and can help you get rid of any nauseating feeling due to indigestion. They also stimulate the digestive system by cleaning the gastro-intestinal tract. Oranges also help in the production of healthy bacteria in the intestine that help in speeding up digestion. So the next time you are suffering from indigestion, eat an orange.

Chamomile Tea


Sipping on some chamomile tea after a heavy meal will help you soothe your GI tract. Chamomile, being a natural relaxant will ease the movement of food along your digestive system. Boil some water and dip a chamomile tea bag into it. Reuse the bag a couple of times in the day. By then, your stomach problems will be gone!

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So the next time on, try to control your portion size, drink lots of water and chew on more salads while you want to enjoy a big meal. Also remember to keep your dinner light and give a gap of at  least 2 hours between dinner and your bed time, to ensure digestion of your food. If all your resolve fails, you anyway have our home remedies for indigestion that you can turn to.

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