4 Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress for Countering Back Pain

You need a new mattress and you go out and pick the first one that seems affordable and comfortable. After a single night’s sleep, it seems you’ve paid for a whole lot of sleepless nights (and not the good kind.) Of course, you do get ooohs, aahs, and ouches…. but these are caused due to back and neck pain!

Mattress for Countering Back Pain

Ah, well you are not the only one…most people do buy the wrong mattress after being swayed by advertisements and price. To prevent this from happening, look at our top tips on how to choose the best mattress to prevent and counter back pain.

Tip # 1 – Explore the Option of Memory Foam Mattresses

Although it is difficult to recommend a particular type of mattress that will definitely treat back pain, memory foam mattresses are pretty good for any kind of body ache. These mattresses are made from a temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material that reacts to body temperature. It is initially very hard and cold. However, when you lie down on it absorbs body heat and conforms to your body shape providing support in the correct areas. In the winter season, the mattress also holds warm air close to the body making you feel warm and supported.

Tip #2 – Choose Medium-Firm Mattresses

Mattresses come in different textures and have varied firmness levels. Most people make the mistake of choosing soft and extra soft mattresses for improving their lower back problems. However, studies by the Kovacs Foundation showed that patients who used a medium-firm mattress were more likely to show improvements in the lower back pain.

Mattress for Countering Back Pain

Tip #3 – Choose Companies that Offer a Return Policy

Ideally look for companies that offer a 60-day to 120-day return policy on their mattress purchase. It takes your back about 2-3 weeks to adjust to a new mattress. Once you’ve selected a mattress you can easily use it, try it out and then return it if it does not improve your existing back pain or worse, aggravates the pain.

You will probably not receive a 100% refund, but still this type of return policy is really worth it. Much better than suffering from back ache every night.

Tip #4 – Splurge on Waterbeds or Air Mattresses

These types of bed options offer you the best back support. Unlike old models, modern day waterbeds and airbeds are filled with capsules that prevent one side moving up when you sit down on the other side. These beds are particularly useful if sleeping partners have different needs. One side of the bed can be made softer or firmer (than the other) depending on the back support required.

Finally, a word of caution. If nothing seems to help your back pain, please get in touch with a doctor immediately. The constant pain may be an indicator of a hidden medical condition and you should get it checked by a medical professional as quickly as possible.

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