10 Tips to Look Sexier by Curtailing Those Big Bust Effects

Do you hate to look bigger? Want to look sexier by reducing those big bust effects? Well, not every woman is blessed with a perfect hourglass figure. But you can certainly make your own effort to appear slimmer and more attractive by de-emphasizing your bust with the help of a few tips. Have a look:

Big Bust Effects

1. The most vital step that you curtail your big bust issue is to pick the right-sized bra in order to give proper support to your breasts. Your size keeps changing as you gain or lose weight. So, it is advisable that you get yourself measured professionally and find the best fitting.

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2. The necklines of your dresses must be selected in such a manner that they make your bust look smaller. Make sure that you have enough open area amid your neck and torso. It would decrease the appearance of a fuller bust significantly. Try square, V, or scoop necklines instead of round or high necks.

3. Decide on your dress styles wisely. There are shift dresses which can give you a better shape and you are free to choose from a wide range of cuts. Wrap dresses are another wonderful choice for you as it perfectly fits underneath the bust.

4. Loose-fit tops are a strict ‘no-no’ for big-busted women. Most of these tops give a baggy and voluminous look right from the bust line and create an illusion of additional bulk. So, always ensure that the top you are wearing fits under your bust properly. If you have to put something on like these, style it up with a belt in the waist.

5. The low-neckline rule is applicable to coats, jackets, and other winter wear too. It is even better to pick something that nips in at the waistline. However, you should never go for double-breasted coats or jackets. Also, stay away from huge lapels.

6. When it comes to minimizing the look of huge breasts, we often completely forget or simply ignore the sleeves of our dresses or winter clothes. But the length of sleeves also plays a crucial role in this aspect. Try to avoid dresses that are sleeveless or have short or full sleeves. Rather, go for three-fourth sleeves to get a more attractive look.

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7. Dark shades can act as a savior for you. Yes, you must wear dresses with deep and dark colors to make yourself look slimmer. Even if there are prints on your clothes, they should be designed on a dark background. Too small or too big prints can kill your look completely. So, keep them aside.

8. There are lots of big-busted women who think that stripes are one of the best options for them to appear slimmer and sexier. Well, it is true only in case of vertical or diagonal stripes. If you are opting for horizontal stripes more frequently, you are wearing it wrong.

9. Get fashionable with wraparounds. A bright, colorful and loosely draped scarf can cover your big bust up efficiently. It is not only a classy solution to your problem but is also a wonderful accessory to complete your look.

10. Selection of swimwear can be a bit tricky for women with large breasts. A one-piece swimsuit can do as long as it is able to provide proper support. Or else, you can simply slip into a halter-neck or bra top having additional cup support as well as wide straps.
So, these are the ways to discover a sexier you when your bust is not in perfect shape. Are you still feeling dowdy and big?

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