Breast Reduction Surgery for Women- Should You Go For It or Not

If you thought breast enhancement is only what women would be interested in then you are wrong, these days breast reduction surgery is also as much in demand if not more.

Breast Reduction Surgery

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery also called as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure used to extract excess fat, skin or tissue from the breast.

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When do women opt for Breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is in generally opted by women, when they have large breasts or if the breasts are disproportionate due to some reason and that is causing a lot of discomfort like back pain, neck pain or other physical discomfort. Breast reduction surgery is also done in order to enhance one’s self confidence and image.

As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, per year there are more than 90,000 breast reduction that happens every year. This surgery although is primarily done by women there are men too opting for this surgery.

What do you need to do prior to opting for Breast reduction surgery?

Before you get Breast reduction surgery done you need to know a few things and they are

  • First and foremost you will have to find out  a good reputed surgeon and discuss with him your medical history especially one associated with breasts.
  • Discuss about the reason behind the decision of opting for breast reduction surgery, emotional issues that you have, if any. Once this is done the surgeon will examine your breasts, take photos of your breasts and also measure them.
  • You can discuss with the surgeon about how much reduction you need and for which the amount of tissue required to be removed etc. You will be required to do several tests to check if everything is fine and you are fit for the surgery. The surgeon will in detail go through your reports and your habits. Accordingly he might ask you to stop some medication or he might give you certain instructions.
  • Prior to Breast Reduction Surgery make sure you sure you have everything ready that is required post-surgery like loose comfortable clothes, clean towels and wash clothes etc. It would be nice if you have someone to take care of you as you might have to stay back in the hospital for a night after the surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery- the procedure:

As per preference the procedure might be done in an outpatient facility or in the hospital. The breast reduction surgery is generally done under general anesthesia. The surgery will go on for 3 to 5 hours.

Post-operative care:

  • Take your medications prescribed by the surgeon to get rid of the pain
  • Antibiotics will be prescribed which has to be taken on time, in order to prevent any kind of infection.
  • Check your temperature regularly so as to check if you are developing fever.
  • Eat small amount of food in regular intervals and drink plenty of water.
  • You should not lift heavy object especially over 5 to 7 pounds. Make sure you don’t get injured or hit after surgery as this will cause bleeding, pain, suture popping etc.
  • Do not bend unnecessarily, that will increase the blood pressure on the wounds and it will lead to hemorrhage.

Risks and complications:

  1. You could feel decreased sensation in certain areas like areolas and nipples.
  2. There could be an issue with breast feeding.
  3. Sometimes women might feel that their breasts have started looking uneven.
  4. There could be permanent scars left on the skin.
  5. Certain other medical risks include heart attack, clotting of blood and even death at times.
  6. There could be regrowth of excess breast tissue
  7. Reaction to anesthesia
  8. Loss of skin
  9. Fat loss and asymmetry of the breasts

The risks and complications associated with breast reduction surgery completely depend upon the skill of your surgeon. If the surgeon is well experienced with his work then the risks and complication could be less. Your health and post-operative care is also very much important to reduce the risks and complications. The decision to go for the surgery should be made if you are completely sure of it, understand everything about the surgery and make a wise decision.

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