Goodbye Back Fat Rolls with the new Bra Line Back Lift

Sometimes, despite all the heavy exercise and training, with age, the skin in the body starts dropping at unsightly places, one such place being the bra line at the back where there is normally a roll of fat or skin that sticks out like a sore thumb when you are wearing a tight fitting top or dress. This part of the body does not get toned easily with exercise. A surefire way to get rid of it is by going under the knife for the bra line back lift surgery.

What is the bra line back lift surgery? 

This is a surgery that will not reduce fat. What it does is to perform an equivalent of a facelift for the back. It is normally done after a weight loss or after fat removal by liposuction. In this procedure, excess skin that is causing the bulge is removed to tighten the back so that it starts appearing more youthful. The name of this surgery comes from the fact that the incision to remove excess skin is performed at the bra line so that the scar can remain hidden under it.

Candidates for Bra Line Back Lift Surgery

If you are a healthy non-smoking female wanting to get rid of the bulge at the back, you can go in for the surgery. You would be advised to avoid using certain medication and consuming alcohol for a couple of weeks before the surgery.

Bra Line Back Lift Surgery Procedure and Cost 

bra line back lift before after

Before the procedure, the surgeon would ask you to wear a swimsuit or a bra that would display your bra line. Markings will be made on the body along the bra to finalize the line along which the incision should be made. The surgeon will also mark the bulge in the skin from where the excess skin would need to be removed.

The surgery is performed under anesthesia and takes about an hour. An incision is made along the bra line and excess skin and some fat around this incision are removed. The remaining tissue and the skin is pulled and stitched together so that the skin becomes firmer and the entire back appears well toned. Removal of excess tissue gets rid of all the bulges in the back.

The surgery can cost anywhere between $8000 to $10000 depending on the amount of skin removed and your location.

Benefits of the Bra Line Back Lift Surgery

The advantages of this surgery are many

  • You can sport a well toned back that is free from any bulge or loose skin.
  • The back fat and loose skin on the back are both tough to get rid of with exercise. In such situations, this surgery comes as a boon.
  • The scar from the incision is well hidden under the bra.
  • Results are immediate and you will feel more youthful with a toned back.

Risks and Post surgery care 

The surgery is fairly free from complications. You would have to wear a compression garment and avoid heavy physical exercise for two weeks after the surgery. After two weeks, you can start wearing your regular bra and find that the scar is well hidden under it and that you don’t have any back folds anymore!

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