Laser Bra Breast Surgery To Lift Up your Breasts

With age, breasts tend to lose their firmness and start sagging and losing shape. A push up bra and toning exercises might help, but if you are looking for a lasting alternative, then there is a brand new procedure called the Laser Bra Breast Surgery being offered by leading plastic surgeons which promises to lift up your breasts and make them perky. Interested? Read on to find out more!

Why do breasts sag? 

Our breasts start sagging with age or after weight loss since the epidermis loses its elasticity and flexibility. Despite all the toning exercises you do, ultimately gravitation and age play their part in making the breasts droopy. This situation is not entirely reversible unless you go in for surgery. There are many different kinds of surgeries that help firm up sagging breasts. The latest among these is the laser bra breast surgery.

Are you a candidate for the surgery?

If you want your breasts lifted and toned and are a healthy woman, then you are a candidate for this surgery. Any woman who can undergo a breast lift surgery can go through a laser bra surgery too. It does not re-position your nipples nor does it cause any problem in breast feeding.

Laser Bra Procedure Cost 

The cost of the surgery hovers around $6000 on an average. Depending on the surgeon and your location, the price may be more or less.

Laser Bra Breast Surgery Procedure

Laser Bra Breast Surgery

In a traditional breast lift surgery, excess tissue and sagging in the breasts are removed after performing an incision. The laser bra breast surgery makes use of the breast tissue that is normally removed during breast lifts. A CO2 laser is used to treat this tissue after which it becomes stronger and is capable of acting as a support system inside the breasts.

This flap of tissue is then sutured onto the chest, thereby creating an internal laser treated bra inside your breasts which will give them both shape and support. This lifts the breasts and perks them up, giving you relief from sagging. The entire surgery does not last any longer than 2 hours and is almost bloodless.

Post Surgery Care

You would need to handle your breasts carefully for a couple of days after the surgery and avoid any physical activity. Other than that, all you need to do is to take your medication regularly and within a week, you can get back to work, complete with younger looking breasts.

Advantages of Laser Bras  

Since the surgery makes use of your own body tissues, it is not rejected by your body. It tightens your breasts and does not have a downtime that is any longer than the traditional breast lift surgery. An overwhelming number of women have found that their breasts look younger, proportional, toned and perkier after the surgery.

The reinforcement in the form of the laser treated tissue bra holds your breasts up in place and makes it look really natural. What’s more, the results are long lasting, giving you satisfaction about your breasts like never before.

If you are considering a breast lift, then don’t forget to ask your surgeon about laser bra breast surgery as an option to achieve the kind of results you want.

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