Try Rice Bags for Sore Muscles

Is your new workout getting the better of you and giving you sore muscles? Are you tired of swallowing pills and massaging pain balms on them for relief? Not anymore! We show you an easy way in which you can soothe sore muscles and get relief from all your troubles. Ever heard of a rice bag? Yes, it is a bag filled with rice. And guess what, they work like magic! So lets see how to use rice bags for sore muscles.

How to make a Rice Bag?

How to make a Rice Bag

If you have your way with a needle and thread or a sewing machine, then you can make a fancy rice bag. Take a 9×22 piece of cotton fabric, fold it into half and sew it on three sides, so that it has an opening on top. Turn it inside out and you have a 9×11 bag. Fill this bag with rice and sew the end after it is 3/4th full. Before you put it to use, sterilize it by microwaving it for 3-4 minutes. Let it cool. For added warmth, you can sew a pillowcase for the rice bag you have made using colorful pieces of cloth. The pillowcase will also ensure that in case the rice inside becomes too hot, you won’t burn your  skin.

And if you are not the crafty type, then worry not. We have a simple solution for you. Just take a clean sock and fill it 3/4th with rice. Knot the end of the sock to prevent the rice from spilling. Now stuff this sock, knotted end first inside another clean sock. It may not be a piece of art, but it sure serves your purpose!

How to use a rice bag?

The bags are meant to give a heat treatment to the body. If you have sore muscles or a congested chest or lower back ache or are simply feeling cold and need some warmth, you can use the bags. To heat the bag, place it in a microwave for 2-3 minutes, depending on how big your rice bag is. Once it heats up, check whether it is too hot. If the temperature is about right for you, place it on the spot where you have sore muscles – on your shoulder, in the lower back or under the thighs. It can also be placed on the chest to relieve congestion.

rice bag

Rice bags work wonders in soothing sore muscles and also giving you quick relief. The heat tends to numb out the pain and irritation from the soreness.

Once all the heat in it is dissipated, you can reheat the rice bag and use it again. Once you make a bag, it is meant for multiple uses, running to a couple of months. Since the rice bag tends to absorb moisture from the atmosphere, mold can grow in it after a few months, until which it is good to be used.  Always store it in a dry place. Also, if you use it too much, it starts getting cooked rice smell, at which point, you should stop using it.

You could also use buckwheat, corn or husk instead of rice as the stuffing for the bag. If you love essential oils, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the rice before sewing it shut. That way, every time you use it, it will have a wonderful aroma.

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