This Is What You Need To Know About Breast Lift After Weight Loss

We start our weight loss journey with a dream in our eyes of achieving the healthiest body. But when we reach our goal of shedding the additional pounds successfully, we find ourselves left with a pair of loose, sagging and badly hanging breasts. In fact, the appearance of our breasts also gets negatively affected when we lose a considerable amount of weight due to bariatric surgery. Being composed of fat tissue mostly, breasts tend to droop or sag easily after losing weight, thereby making us highly disappointed and ruining our satisfaction of success. Breast lift after weight loss is the right solution to fight such condition effectively. Check out important things that you should know about the procedure and how it can give you a pair of supple, uplifted and beautiful breasts easily.

Breast Lift after Weight Loss

What Is ‘Breast Lift’?

‘Breast Lift’ or ‘Mastopexy’ is a cosmetic surgery that is widely performed for reshaping as well as raising the droopy and saggy breasts without altering their volume. When the appearance of the bust line gets affected due to certain reasons (childbirth, breastfeeding, dramatic weight loss, etc.), only this option is known to work. This surgical procedure not only restores the earlier condition of our breasts but also creates a well-proportioned as well as a perfectly balanced look by rectifying the positions of the tissue and the nipple line. As a result, our precious organs become healthier and perkier.

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Why Opt For ‘Breast Lift’ After Weight Loss?

Your hard work to look healthier and thinner by losing extra weight has paid off and it is definitely something to celebrate. But are you still lacking the self-confidence to look into the mirror due to that loose skin on your breasts? Well, opting for the breast lift after a massive weight loss can help you get rid of that stretched extra skin surrounding your breasts. Excess tissue and skin make the breasts look deflated, which is really frustrating for any woman even after reaching her ideal body weight. Breast lift after weight loss turns your assets firmer and improves your entire body contour, thereby giving a significant boost to your self-esteem. It is also a good choice for women, who cannot opt for breast implants.

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How Does The ‘Breast Lift Surgery’ Work?

Breast lift surgery can be performed alone or combined with other surgeries, such as breast augmentation or breast reduction. Each patient is different and hence, each breast lift surgery after weight loss is customized as per the requirements and desires of the patient in order to ensure the very best result.

In most cases, the excess skin around the breasts, especially that surrounding the brown areola, is eliminated to prevent sagging. The areola is repositioned, the tissue is altered, and the nipple is raised up to create a well-proportioned, supple, and attractive appearance.

For a minor weight loss, women can go for a less-invasive method in which only a small incision is created around the areola to lift up the breast. But those, who have experienced a dramatic weight loss, may have to undergo a major surgery, which comprises a vertical scar or an upturned T-shaped scar between the breast fold and the areola.

Three Types Of Breast Lift To Choose From

Generally, there are three distinct breast lift surgeries that are intended for patients who have gone through major weight loss. Here is the brief:

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1. Donut / Circle Breast Lift

It is the minor type in which the areolar complex is lifted to eliminate a little amount of extra skin. The patient gets only a circular scar surrounding the areola, which becomes invisible over time.

2. Lollipop Breast Lift

This surgery creates a ‘lollipop’-like scar on the lower section of the breast. It lifts the nipple to a higher position by removing some more skin, which results in one scar along the edge of the areola and another between the borders of the areola and the breast.

3. Full Anchor Breast Lift

It is the most significant type of breast lift that is intended for women with huge sagging breasts. The scars developed during this major surgery are more or less like the ‘lollipop’ one. However, there is another scar that goes along the lower segment of the breast.

Pros And Cons Of The Procedure

The biggest advantage of undergoing breast lift after weight loss is that you get firm, toned and proportionate breasts by getting rid of that loose unnecessary skin and repositioning the nipples correctly. The results are permanent and there is no need to spend a huge amount of money for an implant. But the procedure comes with considerable scars, which fade away over time instead of getting vanished.

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Breast Lift Or Breast Augmentation?

Now, as you know everything about breast lift after weight loss, it is essential to differentiate it from breast augmentation. This will help you decide on whether the breast lift alone is perfect for you or you need it in combination with breast augmentation. While breast lift itself is enough to elevate your droopy breasts to a higher position on the chest, it cannot rectify the flatter top sections. Breast augmentation can make them look fuller and naturally contoured while adding a beautiful cleavage. So, discuss it with your surgeon and he/she will be able to guide you through the most suitable options depending on your needs.

You can even try an at-home test to find out whether you should go only for the breast lift or choose both. Stand straight and raise both of your arms over your head gradually. Now, look at your nipples. If they do not elevate to higher positions on the breasts and if the breasts do not look like they used to look before sagging, you probably need a breast lift. The position of your areola in relation to the breast crease will help surgeons determine if you need breast augmentation or not. He/she will also assess your breast tissue as well as the condition of the skin (elasticity, stretch, etc.) surrounding the organs in order to figure out what will work the best for you.

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