Try Primrose Oil for lovely Hair and Skin

Primrose Oil or Evening Primrose oil as it is called, is an oil extracted from the seeds of the Primrose plant which is a night flowering plant common in Europe, Asia and North America. The oil is rich in linolenic acid (LA) and gamma-linolenic acids (GLA) – both omega-6 fatty acids – which inside the body get converted into prostraglandins which perform many important functions in the body such as controlling the regulation of hormones and cell growth.

It is one of the few natural oils that is rich in LA and GLA which when administered to the body have anti-inflammatory properties. GLAs are essential to maintain good skin, hair and nail health. Since it is difficult to get these essential fatty acids through the diet, Evening Primrose oil is a supplement that you can turn to. Primrose Oil is an age old remedy and the 17th century Europeans called it the “cure all” oil because of so many benefits that came from the oil.

Primrose Oil for lovely Hair and Skin

Benefits of Primrose Oil for the Hair

  • The essential oils in Primrose oil help in nourishing the scalp and keeping it from getting too dry. This in turn helps in solving dry scalp problems like dandruff.
  • It helps in strengthening the hair and thereby prevents hair fall and hair loss. Regular use of Primrose Oil over a period of three months has also been found to increase the growth of hair.
  • It conditions the hair and improves its texture. Regular oiling of your hair with Primrose oil will make your hair silky soft.

Benefits of Primrose Oil for the  Skin

  • The essential fatty acids in the Primrose Oil help in moisturizing the skin and getting rid of dry skin. If you are suffering from eczema, Evening Primrose oil is the best remedy for you, since it helps get rid of itchiness and redness in the skin.
  • Since applying it on the skin has an anti-inflammatory effect, it is suggested as a treatment for Rosacea.
  • Massaging the oil on the surface of the skin helps in improving circulation thereby helping you relax. 
  • The oil is gentle and does not clog pores. On the contrary, it helps clear pores. It also helps soothe any irritation associated with acne. Massage your face with Primrose oil twice a day if you suffer from acne. 
  • Applying it on the nails and around the cuticles will help you get stronger nails and softer cuticles.

How to use Primrose Oil?

Primrose oil comes bottled in its pure form. The oil also comes in the form of a soft gel capsule that is a dietary supplement. One to three capsules can be consumed per day after consulting your physician. Alternatively, you can break open the capsule and apply the oil in it on the skin or hair.

If you are using the oil on the hair, then it can be directly massaged into the hair just like your regular oil. Let the hair soak up the oil for about an hour to more. For best results, steam your hair in between the massage so that the pores in the scalp can open up and the oil can percolate to your hair roots. Keep your hair wrapped in a warm towel until you shampoo your hair. Doing this twice a week will guarantee better hair.

On the skin, if you are using the oil to treat conditions like acne, rosacea or eczema, then soak the oil in a cotton ball and gently dab it on the affected area. Leave it for about half an hour and then wash off with a gentle cleanser. If you are using the oil for general skin texture improvement, then massage a few drops of oil on the face and the neck overnight and get your beauty sleep. The Primrose Oil will ensure you wake up with softer skin! 

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