11 Excellent Skin And Hair Benefits Of Buttermilk

Buttermilk is not only a delicious drink or a healthful beverage but it also comes with a lot of beauty benefits. Whether you consume it directly or apply it topically to your skin and hair, it will benefit you greatly. Today, we will explore various skin and hair benefits of buttermilk. Let’s start:

11 Excellent Skin And Hair Benefits Of Buttermilk

Skin Benefits Of Buttermilk

The most exciting thing about buttermilk is that it exfoliates, nourishes, softens, brightens, and beautifies the skin all at once. When consumed in a regular manner, it detoxifies our body and improves digestion, which eventually reflects in the skin. Here is how the magical ingredient works:

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  1. Makes Skin Squeaky Clean

It might sound surprising but buttermilk can cleanse our skin perfectly. It draws all dirt, dust, grime, and impurities out of our skin and gives it a healthier look. To use buttermilk as a natural cleanser, you need to blend it with an equal amount of rose water and add a few drops of sweet almond oil or organic olive oil to it. Dip a cotton ball in this mixture and wipe your face gently. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then, splash cold water on your face.

  1. Improves Skin Texture

The protein and lactic acid content of buttermilk make it an amazing natural ingredient for enhancing the tone and texture of our skin. All you need to do is mix gram flour and turmeric powder with buttermilk and spread the paste uniformly over your skin. Rinse off the dried mask with lukewarm water.

  1. Gives Firmer Skin

Buttermilk is one of the richest natural sources of lactic acid, which contributes to its excellent astringent properties. In addition, it moisturizes the skin cells and nourishes them deeply. All these help in plumping up the skin, enhancing its elasticity and making it more toned so that we get a tighter and firmer appearance. Combine bentonite clay or oatmeal powder with some fresh buttermilk, apply it as a skin-firming mask and wash it off after drying. Your skin will turn more youthful and vibrant with minimized wrinkles, freckles, and age spots.

  1. Lightens Spots And Marks

Being loaded with lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acid, buttermilk can lighten those unsightly spots, marks, and blemishes on your skin. Both of these acids aid are highly effective in exfoliating the layers of dead cells from the surface, thereby revealing the fresh layer of skin underneath. As a result, the marks and blemishes are eliminated fast. For this, you need to sun-dry some orange peels, grind them into a fine powder, and mix it with some buttermilk. Massage your face gently with the paste and let it sit for half an hour. Repeat the procedure twice or thrice every week.

11 Excellent Skin And Hair Benefits Of Buttermilk

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  1. Banish Sun Tan

You can get rid of your ugly sun tan in minutes just with the help of a simple buttermilk face mask. It not only makes the skin tan-free but also helps in making it smoother. Blend fresh buttermilk with pure, raw organic honey in 3:1 ratio and add 1 beaten egg to it. Whisk all ingredients together to form a smooth paste. Massage the tanned parts of your skin with it for a few minutes, let it sit for next 15 minutes and then, rinse off with plain cold water. It will make your skin glowing.

  1. Soothes Sunburns

While removing sun tan, buttermilk also helps in healing sunburns efficiently. For the optimum soothing effects, take (1/2) cup of cold buttermilk and combine (1/2) cup of fresh tomato juice with it. Mix well and apply all over your affected skin. It will take around one hour to get completely dry. Then, wash off with cold water.

Hair Benefits Of Buttermilk

The nourishing qualities of buttermilk benefit our locks too. Know how the ingredient can make our hair look effortlessly gorgeous:

  1. Nourishes Hair From Inside

Buttermilk is loaded with vital nutrients that nourish our hair strands from inside. Prepare a mask by mixing mashed avocado and pure raw organic honey with buttermilk and apply it frequently to get healthy, beautiful hair.

  1. Conditions Hair Deeply

Make your own deep conditioning hair mask by blending buttermilk, mashed banana, raw honey, organic olive oil, and beaten egg. The thick and smooth mask can be applied to the scalp as well as the length of the hair fibers to get softer, smoother, and manageable hair.

  1. Strengthens Hair Fibers

As buttermilk is loaded with milk proteins, using it on our locks can make them stronger and longer. For this, apply the same mask as mentioned in the earlier point.

11 Excellent Skin And Hair Benefits Of Buttermilk

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  1. Drives Away Dandruff

A mixture of buttermilk and fresh lemon juice can work as an ideal natural anti-dandruff treatment. Make sure that you apply it thoroughly to your scalp and hair roots in order to get rid of all scalp-related

  1. Makes Hair Straighter

Last but not the least; forget expensive hair smoothening treatments as buttermilk can help you make your wavy hair straighter naturally. Take fresh coconut milk and buttermilk in 2:1 ratio and spray it onto your dry hair. Wait for 2 hours and your hair will turn significantly sleeker.

Got enough reason to include buttermilk in your beauty regimen? Go ahead!

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