20 Home Remedies for Wrinkles

With age, skin loses collagen that helps in giving the skin fullness and also elastin that is responsible for the suppleness. As a result, the skin becomes less firm and wrinkles start appearing. There are plenty of products on the market shelf that promise to fight age and give you beauty in a bottle. Some work while some don’t. But rather than shelling out all those thousands of rupees on a product that may or may not work and one that is laden with chemicals, why not try some tried and tested formulae at home, with natural ingredients? 

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I am giving you 20 home remedies that will help even out your skin, smoothen wrinkles and give you younger looking skin.

1. Consume anti-oxidant rich food:

It is true that what you eat shows on your face. Anti-oxidants combat the free radicals that cause aging. So the first and the foremost step would be to load up your plate with foods like coloured veggies and fruits, nuts, pulses and lean meat to get your dose of anti-oxidants.

2. Olive oil massage:

Olive oil is a great skin food. Consume it with your food. Also, massage your face well with olive oil in circular motions. Work your neck and jawline also well. This improves blood circulation and also makes the skin supple.

3. Drink green tea:

Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants. It is also a low calorie alternative to any beverage. So replace your sugar loaded beverage with green tea and see how your skin responds.

4. Sun protection:

Sun is one of the major causes of aging and wrinkles. Ensure you apply a healthy amount of sunscreen with SPF 15+ when you step out in the sun.


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5. Develop a good skin care routine:

Avoiding wrinkles is not something that can be achieved overnight. Start yourself up on a daily cleansing-toning and moisturizing routine that will help get healthy skin.

6. Use Rosewater:

 Rosewater is known to soothe the skin and have pore tightening effects. Apply some rosewater with a cotton swab on the skin, instead of a store bought toner to get supple skin.

 7. Pomegranate paste:

Pomegranate is a powerful anti-oxidant. So consume pomegranates regularly. Also, apply a paste of pomegranate seeds on the skin and massage for 5 minutes. Leave it to dry before washing it.

Health Benefits of Pomegranate

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8. Warm honey:

Apply warm honey on the face and rinse after fifteen minutes. Follow up by rubbing an ice cube all over the face. This will leave the skin supple.

Honey For Hair, Skin, Body & Beauty

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9. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is one of the most underrated oils. Consume a spoonful of coconut oil every day to get a good dose of healthy fat. Massage your face and body with coconut oil to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

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10. Pineapple paste:

Pineapple is known to have anti-aging properties. Apply fresh pineapple paste on the face and leave the mask for half hour and then wash off. Regular use will smoothen the face.

11. Milk and lemon:

In a spoonful of cold milk, add a few drops of lemon juice. Massage this on the face and leave until it dries and then wash off.

12. Yoga-face exercise:

There are plenty of face exercises in yoga that will tighten the face muscles and prevent wrinkles from appearing. Practise them to look younger with every passing day.

13. Almond oil:

Almond oil has deep moisturizing and skin rejuvenating properties. Massage your face and neck well with almond oil in the night before sleeping.

14. Don’t use harsh products:

Avoid using harsh make up removers. Use natural oils instead. Use witch hazel or rosewater in place of an alcohol based toner.

15. Moisturize:

Your skin needs to be moisturized. Even if you have oily skin, use a light non comedogenic moisturizer.

16. Hydrate:

What moisturizer does to skin, water does to the whole body. So do not forget your 8 glasses of water in the day.

17. Aloe vera gel:

Aloe vera is rich in alpha hydroxyl acids that fight signs of aging. Massage aloe vera gel nightly for about two months to see the benefits.

Healing Properties of Aloe Vera

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18. Vitamin E pills:

Vitamin E helps in restoring the collagen and elastin in the skin. Pop open a vitamin e capsule, mix with some glycerine and massage well on the skin. Wash it off after leaving for fifteen minutes to feel your renewed skin.

19. Milk cream:

Applying milk cream on the skin will feed the skin with healthy fat. Take some milk cream and apply it on the face and massage well. Wash off with a mild face wash.

20. Get moving:

While all the remedies will show positive results, what needs to be done to actually control the aging process is to get good exercise, improve blood circulation and maintain great health. A combination of that, with the external applications is a sure shot way to great, younger looking skin.

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