Worried About Facial Sweating? Treat It For FREE With These Home Remedies!

We all experience facial sweating during the scorching heat of summer. But if your face keeps perspiring too much even when the weather is quite comfortable, the chances are high that you are suffering from ‘hyperhidrosis’. However, you can get rid of this annoying situation simply by following a few simple tips or trying some natural remedies. Here we go:

Reduce Facial Sweating

Natural Remedies For Facial Sweating

Here are a few natural remedies that can put a stop to excessive facial sweating easily:

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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Dip a cotton ball in pure tea tree essential oil and dab it on the most sweat-prone areas of your face. If you have an extremely sensitive skin, dilute the essential oil before application. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then, wash off gently. Tea tree oil is a natural astringent with great anti-fungal properties that help in reducing sweating to a large extent.


The herb chamomile holds amazing astringent properties that help in constricting sweat glands while its anti-bacterial properties kill those odor-causing bacteria. The easiest way to include chamomile in your facial sweating treatment is to steep 1 teaspoon of the herb in a cup of hot water for a few minutes and consume the concoction once every day. Alternatively, you can brew a cup of chamomile tea, cool it down, and apply it to your troubled areas with a cotton ball. Taking a chamomile bath (by adding a few drops of the essential oil to warm water) daily will also help to ease the problem.

Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes to controlling excessive facial perspiration, apple cider vinegar is considered as another highly effective remedy due to its capability of balancing body’s pH level. However, instead of topical application, you need to consume it. Simply blend 2 teaspoons of pure raw honey with 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and have it thrice daily at least 30 minutes before your meal.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Witch Hazel

There are very few natural antiperspirants that are as good as witch hazel. Soak a cotton ball in witch hazel tincture or essential oil and apply all over your face to reduce sweating. Applying a paste made of witch hazel bark powder and distilled water will also help in shrinking pores, thereby reducing sweating. However, do not go overboard as the solution might dry out your skin due to its astringent properties.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is quite well-known for its soothing and cooling properties, which aid in the regulation of excess perspiration during scorching summer days. It also works as a quick fix for keeping facial sweating away for a good 2-3 hour. All you need to do is dip a cotton ball in fresh aloe vera juice or diluted aloe vera gel and apply it all over your face in a thin layer.


Being loaded with antioxidants, tomato can regulate the secretion from our sweat glands efficiently. The astringent properties of the vegetable also help in blocking the sweat ducts. Hence, drink a cup of fresh tomato juice daily for one week and then, reduce it to half cup a day for the next week.

Whole Green Gram

Roast and grind whole green gram into a fine powder and combine it with raw unboiled milk to come up with a smooth paste. Massage your face with it once every day. Wash off with cold water once the mask becomes partially dry. This prevents facial sweating by soaking up excess moisture from our skin.


Finely grate half of a fresh cucumber and extract its juice carefully. Store it in the refrigerator for a few hours. Apply the chilled cucumber juice all over your face by using a cotton swab twice every day. Being a natural astringent, it can cure too much facial perspiration effectively.

Sage Tea

Sage is full of tannic acid, which makes it a great natural astringent. You can either apply a sage infusion (by soaking the dried herb in water for the entire day) topically or consume 2 cups of freshly brewed sage tea daily for at least one week.

Sandalwood Powder

White sandalwood powder works as a truly helpful remedy for keeping the skin dry, fresh, and odorless for long. Prepare a smooth paste by mixing rose water and lemon juice with white sandalwood powder and apply it to your face focusing on the sweat-prone areas. Once the mask turns dry, wash it off with tepid water.

Sandalwood Powder

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Useful Tips To Reduce Facial Sweating

Find below a few additional tips to get rid of excessive facial sweating:

  • Skip all those sweat-triggering factors including hot beverages, spicy food, too much sun exposure, alcohol, caffeine, etc. as much as possible.
  • Hydrate yourself sufficiently by consuming lots of plain water, fruits and vegetable juices, cold tea, coconut water, etc. so that your body gets detoxified and a normal body temperature is maintained.
  • Eat magnesium-rich food like potato, banana, broccoli, legumes, nuts, apple, avocado, etc.
  • Massage your face with a muslin-wrapped ice cube twice or thrice every day.
  • Do not use heavy skincare or makeup products, especially in summers.
  • Use talcum powder to absorb facial sweat and keep your face fresh enough.
  • Keep a clinical-strength facial wipe handy.

Just give these simple natural remedies and easy tips a try and you will see the difference yourself!

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