8 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid While Washing the Face

You might have heard that washing face more than twice a day can cause damage to our skin. But is it the only mistake that we do during cleansing and rinsing our face? Well, there are quite a few other common face washing blunders that we make. Check out below:

Washing the Face

1. Picking a Not-So-Suitable Cleanser

No two persons have the same skin. So, you need to find out the ideal cleanser, which would suit your skin type the best. A pH-balanced cleanser is the best choice that can make our skin absolutely free of dirt, microbes and additional oil without being too harsh or too gentle to it. Instead of bar soaps, dry and oily-skinned beauties should use cream-based and gel-based or foaming cleansers respectively.

2. Washing Face with Filthy Hands

Almost 80% people do not wash their hands prior to washing their faces. But overlooking this step can transmit all those germs and grime from your palms to your face, thereby making your efforts valueless. So, wash your hands thoroughly before starting the face clean-up procedure.

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3. Applying Cleanser on Dry Skin

Well, using the cleanser on the dry face is a strict no-no. It turns the whole affair extremely harsh by stripping natural oils away from the skin and drying it out. It is advised that you always moisten your face before putting the cleanser on.

4. Using Too Hot or Too Cold Water

There is a myth that hot water can open our skin pores while cold water can close them. It makes many of us to use too hot or too cold water for face washing. Well, the truth is that our skin pores cannot be opened or closed as they do not contain muscle fibers. Rather, the application of smoking hot or icy cold water on the skin can shock it by snatching away the natural moisture, breaking the blood capillaries and making the veins visible. Hence, always use lukewarm water for washing your face.

Washing the Face

5. Wiping Face with Any Washcloth

Do not use just any washcloth for wiping your face after washing. It may be full of dust, soil and bacteria, which may end up damaging your skin considerably. Try to use a new washcloth for every single wash in order to ensure the safety of your skin. However, it might not be possible for all of us. So, you must keep your washcloth clean and soft by washing it each and every day.

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6. Rubbing Skin with the Washcloth

Just because you need to wipe water from your face does not mean you have to rub your skin with the washcloth. It will ruin the surface layer of your skin by tugging and pulling, which will eventually affect its elasticity. Hence, simply pat dry the skin and stay beautiful.

7. Not Rinsing the Cleanser Properly

It is of utmost importance that you rinse your face thoroughly to eliminate all the traces of the cleanser from it. There are certain areas, such as both sides of the nose, hairline, neck, jawline, etc., which we forget to focus on. As a result, the residues of cleanser get accumulated and clog the pores at those places. Therefore, make sure that you rinse your face well.

8. Exfoliating More than Twice a Week

There is no need to exfoliate your skin each time you wash it. Over-exfoliation can take a toll on the inner layers of the skin along with removing the surface layer of dead cells. Scrubbing the face once or twice a week with a gentle scrub is enough to keep your skin healthy.

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