Lose Weight Easily Through Sattvic Yoga Diet

If you are an ardent yoga fan and spiritually inclined then you should know about sattvic yoga diet and its benefits. Being spiritually inclined will help one lead a life of peace and contentment, and the sattvic diet helps them to get closer to their spirituality. The sattvic diet is also popularly known as yogic diet and is rich in nutrition meant to help in stepping towards the next level of spirituality.

Sattvic Yoga Diet

Yoga is commonly perceived to be an alternate way of life, and that’s because it is completely different from the conventional western approach of life. The focus of Yoga in your life is to benefit you in all aspects, the mind, body as well as your soul. Food plays an important role in a yogi’s life considering the targets that needs to be achieved. All these things are taken care by the sattvic diet.

Sattvic yoga diet: The Sattvic diet mainly comprises of simple, pure and light meal that helps you to achieve the purity required for your body and mind. Sattvic diet is often followed by people who want to lose weight too as it is very much helpful to lose weight.

Sattvic Yoga Diet

Benefits of Sattvic diet:

  • A sattvic diet is basically light and easy on the stomach which means it is easily digestible.
  • A Sattvic diet helps to achieve clarity of mind and helps in perceiving thoughts better.
  • A sattvic diet induces a feeling of contentment in oneself.
  • A sattvic diet helps to induce love and compassion within self.

Main features of Sattvic diet:

  • The Sattvic diet has to be preferably vegetarian although certain fish and non-veg foods are included now keeping certain health conditions in mind.
  • It should be easily digestible.
  • Make sure the food is not chemically treated at all. It should comprise of low fat as well as protein content.
  • It should have very less spice and flavoring. It is better to opt for organic food as that will be completely pure.

Sattvic diet consists of following foods:

Vegetables, Cereals, Nuts and dried fruits, Honey, Milk and dairy products, Whole grains, Herbal teas, Clarified butter, Seeds, Whole meal bread and Eggs.

Yoga diet and weight loss:

The yoga diet especially for weight loss follows Ayurveda. Ayurveda decides the diet as per 3 main doshas, which is Kapha (water), Vatta (air), and Pitta (fire). Each individual is said to be dominated by one of the doshas. So it is advisable to find out which dosha you belong to first and foremost. As per that you can plan your diet. People belonging to Vatta doshas require more whole grains in their diet. Kapha dosha requires food made with more of spices as well as ginger. Pitta dosh meanwhile have to include more of foods that have cooling effect on the body like raw salads and fruits. Therefore it is important to choose food that suits your body type, and then it will benefit you better overall.

Sattvic diet plan for weight loss:

  1. Begin your day with a glass of warm water mixed with lime juice and honey.
  2. Breakfast should comprise of a bowl full of fruit salad.  Healthy mix of different fruits should be included. You can also include a bowl of cereals instead along with a glass of fresh milk.
  3. For lunch, the diet should comprise of a big bowl full of salad consisting of blend of sprouts with lettuce with chopped raw carrots, tomatoes and boiled beetroot. You can mix it with fresh curd or add a dash of lemon juice over it.
  4. Dinner can be same as lunch or you can go for tomato soup, a baked vegetable dish along with a light salad.
  5. Various drinks can be had in between the meals but make sure it is green tea, coconut water, lemon juice without sugar or just plain water.
  6. To shut the in-between meals hunger pangs, you can have fresh fruits.

Sattvic yoga diet is all about knowing your body type and choosing the right kind of balanced food. The sattvic diet long with yoga will not only help you in losing weight eventually but also help you in being healthy, strong and lively always.

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