10 Best Depigmentation Creams Available In India

Most women love to have a fair and even tone of the skin as it helps them in showing off their beautiful self. There are a lot of beauty creams that one can find in the market and many among them are skin whitening creams that can help you in getting multiple shades lighter as well as help you to get rid of the dark pigmentation. Following are the top 10 creams that can help you get the right skin tone.

10. Fabindia Vitamin E de-pigmentation cream

It is free from hydroquinone and turns out to be extremely handy in helping you get rid of the dark pigmentation marks. It makes smart use of vitamin E and it will help you get rid of all the dark blotches. Even if you have ugly marks on your skin, this cream by Fab India can help you get rid of all such spots.

fabindia depigmentation cre

9. Uriage Depiderm anti brown spots intensive depigmentation cream

The cream makes use of nicotinamide and is a permanent way of getting rid of the unwanted dark marks on your skin. The only problem with this cream is the fact that it is pretty expensive.

Uriage Depiderm

8. Aloe Vera gold skin whitening cream

It makes use of Aloe Vera which is an extremely effective natural ingredient. It helps you in getting a whiter tone of skin and is free from side effects.

Aloe Vera Gold Skin Whitening Cream

7. RichFeel anti blemish cream

Those who do not want to apply any chemicals on their face because they are skeptical of the side effects can opt for Richfeel anti blemish cream because it makes use of natural ingredients like Berberis Aquifolium extract and calendula extract. It is a homeopathic cream that is affordable and effective.

RichFeel anti blemish cream

6. Vedic Line Alpha Whitening cream

This is one of the most effective creams by Vedic Line and makes use of olive oil and green tea. It is an extremely effective solution and the price falls in affordable range too. It does not have any harmful chemicals and can help you in bidding goodbye to the stubborn marks on your face.

Vedic Line Alpha Whitening cream

5. Dr. Reddy’s Strea C10 pure vitamin c cream

Strea C10 contains vitamin C that is rich in antioxidant and it helps in rejuvenating the skin and will give a warm and radiant glow as well.

Dr. Reddy’s Strea C10 pure vitamin c cream

4. Vicco turmeric skin cream

It is perhaps one of the oldest creams to stay in the market. It makes use of turmeric which is extremely effective in curing pimples, scars and evens out the skin tone and gives a bright glow to your face as well. It is non oily and made from natural ingredients.

Vicco turmeric skin cream

3. Radiance Pearl glow cream

This pearl glow cream is a herbal solution and will help you in getting lighter skin tones. The pearl glow infers that your face will also get a bright shine. It claims that it is the only herbal beauty cream that will cure black heads, white heads, pimples, acne, melasma and even age spots and wrinkles as well.

2. Oriflame even out dark spot fading concentrate and cream

Oriflame is one of the biggest names in the field of cosmetics and it will even out dark patches and give you one of the best skin tones. It is not sensitive to daylight and hence can be worn both during day and night.. Those who are looking for a single cream that could treat skin troubles like pimples, acne and blemishes and help them in getting a lighter and fairer tone can benefit immensely from this product.

Oriflame even out

1. Shahnaz Hussain Shawhite pigmentation lotion

It is a natural cream that removes dead epithelial cells and gives the best glow to your skin. It makes use of natural ingredients like aloe vera and Shahnaz Hussain is known to be the numero uno choice among all beauty products. It is definitely going to be the best choice and the price is affordable too.

Shahnaz Hussain Shawhite

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